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New Chakras ~ as of July 2011

Many of you have heard that we have 7 major chakras in our energy body, with a corresponding colour resonating with it.  That is what we’ve been taught for a very long time; and it was true then.  As we evolve into higher consciousness, raising our vibrations into more love, joy and peace energy our chakras have also evolved.

For many people this means that the previous 7 chakras have now become 12 chakras. From what I have learned, the new chakras have a new vibrations, new colours associated with them and some have opened where they were not previously.

The meditation exercises will focus on the 12 from now on. If you feel that you are still working on the level of 7 chakras then please use the cleansing exercise on our website which addresses it – the Chakra Cleanse.

Here is some new information I’ve found ….this is a very good basic source for information and a diagram

¬Basically there are now 3 above the crown chakra, and the second chakra is now the soles of both feet; while the first chakra is below your feet, in the earth.

¬Research into this information shows that there are many interpretations of the new chakras, locations, and numbers. As we evolve more will be revealed and understood. We accept this reality not as conflict or confusion, but rather the very obvious stages that each is developing on their individual journey.

We are becoming more connected to Source, as well as to mother earth as we evolve and expand. Cleansing the new chakras always begins at the top.

I never rely on only one source and I don’t recommend anyone else does either. Most of all rely on your own inner wisdom~if you cannot hear it…perhaps meditation will help?

More about Energy Bodies   and the 7P’s to Successful Meditation.

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