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After the recent Frockalicious by Design Event in Edmonton I asked Jo Dibblee about her initiative called ’12 for 12′ because I think it is an amazing program!

Here is what I learned and wanted to share with you:

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12 for 12™ Membership Program

Women Helping Women through Service, Support, and Success
Alone we struggle; together we soar.

As a result of you standing up, leaning in and being part of 12 For 12 ™you are choosing to:
√ give inspiration to disenfranchised women who desperately need it.
√ get the support YOU need to thrive personally and professionally.
√ gain your own momentum, joy, and success, in collaboration with other strong women.
We Can Be The Change – Will You Join Us?

At the heart of Frock Off Inc. is our commitment to serve those whose voices have been silenced for far too long; whose freedom has been taken. While supporting women in business who ,like you, are heart centered and value working with like minded people.

Collectively, as we link arms, we will continue to be the voice and change we seek, lending a heartfelt hand up. 12 for 12™ allows you to give back via book donations. This simple, life-empowering program is easy and leaves the work in our hands.

12 for 12™ is in addition to our ongoing financial support and promotion for Little Warriors and Because I am a Girl.
We are committed to sharing the message of hope and inspiration.
Our pasts do not dictate our futures.

Become a 12 for12™ member and help touch as many lives as possible. Your membership means 12 people will receive their very own signed copy of the award winning memoir Frock Off: Living Undisguised. Books will be distributed to women’s shelters and distress centers.

The benefits of 12 for 12™ include opportunities to share your message, be a featured speaker, access to like minded people who are at their core change agents and are looking to partner with others who are impacting the world and much more. For Further details contact Jo Dibblee at or attend an upcoming event.

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