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Rachel joined me for a chat on youtube please enjoy!

It’s always a treat to explore with Rachel Cuyler also known as Rachel White Seeing Owl! ( Scroll down to listen to recent shows or go directly to the show page for archives shows from 2012)

Rachel has been a regular guest on LGRCC and you’ll find many shows to explore many subjects of life, through a metaphysical and real life point of view. Rachel is a gifted speaker and intuitive. She has counseled people for over 38 years and facilitated many workshops. Each session is different and unique to the individual. Her skill is to intuitively discern where individuals are holding on to negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs.

She will guide you to eliminate belief systems that no longer serve you and replace them with clear life enhancing ones. Sometimes Rachel will go into a full channel while on the air, which simply means she is bringing in a message from a higher dimension. It’s always spontaneous and awesome!

Rachel is able to work with people in person or distantly via telephone, skype etc.

For more info go to:

Rachel’s website is  Rachel on Facebook, where she posts periodic wisdom, inspirational quotes, channeled messages from her guides~

Visit Rachel’s youtube channel for great wisdom and tips…

*Gift from Rachel for Let’s Get Real Chattin with Catherine listeners…meditation to meet your Animal Totem..approx. 18 min long.Rachel Cuyler Meditation Animal Totems with sounds effects

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