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Season 8 on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is starting off with a blast of light and wisdom!

Here is a taste of what’s to come: I will be exploring with some entrepreneurs and get their insight on their journey. I will also be going deep into discovery  with several scientists, doctors, metaphysical & spiritual explorers, health experts and more! As a Universal Promoter of Incredible Liberators, Spiritual Healers and Brilliant Visionaries I am indeed thrilled to be bringing you these amazing people and their leading edge contributions to society!

This is not mainstream media, this is the new stream and flow of brilliance and you can expect different from us!

I’m proud to announce that Catherine Publishing is a Media Partner for the ‘International Kinesiology Conference 2015’ in Banff, Alberta Canada…September 23rd -27th !
You can visit their website for more information and register!

It’s an honour to be part of this amazing conference and to bring some of the highlights to you through ‘Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine’ online chats.lgrcc poster Catherine 2015.001

I will be chattin with several presenters prior to the conference, so watch for the updates as well as capturing some of the events as they happen live in Banff!

This is where science, light, higher consciousness and evolution of humanity come together in radiant expressions! We are breaking out of the old limiting beliefs.

Although I intend to bring you the best of the best from these days in Banff, I also believe that being in person in that high vibration of the mountains will indeed be an experience like no other! This event is a rare opportunity for the public to connect with leading edge insight! So if you feel called to attend please visit the link to their website and register today!

If you are exploring the booths of vendors, please stop by and say hello to me …I will be doing some on site interviews as well…Oh what delicious fun we shall have exploring with the explorers!


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