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Can you give a woman a hand…I mean vote?

Many of you have been with me since the beginning of this show and you’ve been so supportive and understanding; even when I was dealing with the tragic death of my son in March 2012. The show did go on, albeit I didn’t look so great in some of those videos; oh well! The content was excellent and that is what mattered.

I started the show for fun and especially because I had been doing some very deep exploring with one of my regular guests now, Debbi Coleen and we kept having such powerful information come up that we decided, it was too good and juicy to keep to ourselves. From there it has expanded to giving people an opportunity to learn along with us, to showcase people’s gifts and talents and to get to know people all over the world.
Now it’s time to expand as I feel so joyful to see all the people listening/viewing the show, learning and loving it; along with so many people with great wisdom to share and help us thrive on this planet. Many of you have asked me over the years how can I help you Catherine? Frankly I didn’t know what to ask for. Some people suggested I should be well paid for my contributions and I agree, however my goal was not about the money, it was about the freedom and empowerment. The ability to freely express views that were not heard on mainstream was my utmost mission. At first the cost was minimal for me; however that has changed drastically! Now the time I dedicate to the show, the research and production is my life. Now I realize that money is a tool; one which enables and supports that freedom.

So yes, now it is time to ask for a hand up. I do appreciate the donations and the advertising, however since I haven’t made it a focus, those funds are not enough to make this viable. Yet! I am now prepared to allow more advertising on the shows; as long as they are in keeping with my intention of truth, integrity, authenticity!

Side Note: I will never endorse ‘liver’…no matter how much chocolate you cover liver with, or blend it up, or mask it, I will never endorse it. The same with milk…unless it is milk chocolate…that’s entirely different! If I believe in your product, or can see the benefit of it, then it’s probably going to fit with the show and our viewers. I will not be inviting ‘big pharma’ to advertise, because I don’t believe in it. Yes there are certain things that I think are vital for our lives, but I usually have found that there is a natural product that will do the same job, or even better.

Right now I’m asking you to help me in a different way; there is a contest with Intuit Quickbooks for small businesses, it only requires that you vote once a day! My company could win $5,000.00 or one of several smaller amounts. That would go a long way towards a new computer and software to help me create an even better product and reach more people. What do you say…will you vote? Can you share this post with your friends and encourage them to vote once a day? Here is the link to vote everyday… bookmark it if that helps remind you! (Sorry the first link didn’t work;)

Bless you and thank you all! I know it’s going to be an amazing new season in January and the rest of this year is looking awesome as well!
Many thanks

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