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Adam Lehman~International Kinesiology Conference 2015 Speaker

“The body is designed to heal itself. But sometimes it needs a little assistance.

I want to teach you how to easily and efficiently help others when they need it.”

Adam Head Shot (Hi Rez)Adam “KinesioGuy” Lehman, En.K., teaches aspiring and established healing arts professionals the art of muscle testing, empowering them to create a professional wellness practice or expand the scope of an existing one.

Using muscle testing (kinesiology) to communicate directly with the body, practitioners learn to efficiently get to the core of people’s wellness challenges and help them improve their quality of life. This means less pain, more productivity, and having the capability of living each moment as if it’s the best moment of your life.

Adam’s own journey of coming from a fractured family that was dependent on the Western medical tradition included many challenges – early breathing issues, allergies and sensitivities that were not paid attention to in those days, volatile family life, lifestyle and addiction challenges – all of which he overcame by turning to “alternative” methods. The most effective methods were those that used the art and science of muscle testing – kinesiology.

His fascination with the process, as well as the results, led him to learn as much about this intriguing tool as he could, often going to far away places to do so.

Adam has now had a private practice for almost 30 years, and travels the world teaching others how to use muscle testing to begin or enhance their own practice, or simply to use with family and friends to improve and maintain a higher level of wellness.

Through his own extensive education and experience, Adam’s desire for deeper meaning led him to practical and philosophical understandings of kinesiology/muscle testing that even experienced kinesiologists don’t fully comprehend. He brings these unique understandings of the underlying principles into his teaching in easy to comprehend ways. This provides his students with a core foundation and system that is easy to build upon, and critical to their ability to be successful. Perhaps that’s why he continues to be in demand as a speaker and instructor across many countries spanning 4 continents.IBAS 3D Logo offset small

Adam is a certified instructor of several Energy Kinesiology modalities, such as Touch for Health and Applied Physiology (for which he is an Advanced Trainer and International Instructor Trainer). He also is the creator of Holographic Touch for Health and several other of his own researched programs.

To learn more about Adam and the courses he teaches, sign up for his mailing list on his website:

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