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You’ve done your homework, you’ve got a great product or service and now you want to get it out to those who really are looking for you! The world is evolving and my audience is craving products and services that can help them in these challenging times. They are consciously awake & aware of the changes on this planet. You are too!  Aren’t YOU?

We’ve got an awesome opportunity to let you invest in helping to bring more information to the world, while sharing your products or services with people who are hungry for the new healthy, harmonious options available.


Contact Catherine Publishing to set up your advertising program on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, via the website and shows today!   or visit the website for more details:  We can customize it for you!


Potential Guests for Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine please read: This is a great opportunity to share what you do, what you know and what you care about with an audience who are really interested in exploring higher visions with us. If you have a product or service that you are selling, there are opportunities to feature you and your products/services on and to talk about it on the show. Many guests consider the fees or donations as part of their advertising costs; whether you gain clients from the show or not, you will benefit from the experience of exploring with the host ‘Catherine’, in a way that is very unique.

The new season brings some changes to the format. Shorter segments will be created for more quests in audio format. Live shows will be for featured guests and announced when available. There will be a section for prime-time featured guests who will be provided with high profile spots on the website, featured in social media advertising etc. If you want to be part of this exclusive group please contact the publisher at  for details, fees and more. The shows focus is primarily on ‘exploring higher visions’ of life on planet earth; be they practical life understandings, products with integrity and harmony for the planet, or metaphysical, spiritual, psychological, philosophical based topics.

*Also watch for updates on some new shows as they are developed and added to the new network. Sign up for the RSS feeds and email updates on the various pages.

If you are ready to reach a broader audience looking to understand life better and have done your own homework, are ready to share and explore then please contact the publisher for details on how you can become part of an exclusive group of teachers, leading edge contributors to new possibilities NOW!

You may wish to read more about what guests have said about their experience here  

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