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Aime Hutton~

Inspiring Radiant Play and Confidence Through Dance!

Aime Hutton is known to many around the world as an inspirational dancer, speaker and author. Having been published in 2 international e-Zines out of England one for women in business, and one all on the subject of inspiring women, as well as have co-authored a book all about over coming true life challenges called “Take Flight ~ True Stories of How Dreams Shape Our Lives”.  She has also been a featured speaker for eWomen Network at our Provincial level events inspiring women to get in touch with their inner dancer for a play date.

And on top of being in business for two years, she has been nominated for different awards such as FIERCE Woman of the Year Awards Phenomenal Female category, Calgary Choice Awards, and in the top forty for the Top International Alliance of Motivated Part Time Entrepreneurs.  She is an active member in eWomen Network Alberta, an associated member of the Women’s Speakers Association, and a Diamond Member of the International Women’s Leadership Association.  It wasn’t always like this though, growing up life threw her some interesting curve balls, being severely bullied in school, being told she would never write well in school by her teachers, surviving an abusive relationship as well as being stalked by the abusive boyfriend for 3 years after.  She at one point wasn’t able to believe in herself, thought she wasn’t worthy of love, and thought she was not capable of inspiring others.

Now Aime owns her own business of Awakening Goddess, inspiring radiant play and confidence through dance.  Wanting no woman or girl to be left behind thinking that she’s not beautiful, powerful, or creative because of something that was said to her in her past by others.  Aime is in the process of developing a ‘little sister’ stream to Awakening Goddess of:  Wonder Girls Camp an after school program for girls in grades four – nine to develop their self confidence, inner beauty, and knowing she’s creative and powerful through different modes of discovery such as dance/movement, picture journaling, and creating vision boards. Listen to the replay of Aug 29 2012 show

*Aime has recently become the Canadian Ambassador for the Freedom and Empowerment Teen Campaign Read her bio here and you can watch her video on their blog as well

Aime Hutton

Twitter:  AwakeningGoddes

~Inspiring radiant play and confidence through dance!~

Dance/Movement Breakout Presentation at Meet YOU in the Mountains eWomen Network AB Oct 2011
Featured Speaker at Spring Into Smart Success eWomen Network AB June 2011

Nominated in 3 categories for Calgary Choice Awards 2011
Nominated in the Phenomenal Female category for the FIERCE Woman of the Year Awards – Alberta 2011
Nominated in the top 40 International Alliance of Motivated Part Time Entrepreneurs 2011 – 2012

Active member of eWomen Network Alberta 
Diamond Member of the International Women’s Leadership Association  click to see Aime’s profile!
Associate Founding Member on the Women’s Speakers Association

Read Aime’s story in her new co-authored book

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