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Angela Ditch~Author & Transformation Facilitator

Angela Ditch 0049 - Version 4Hello my name is Angela. I am a student of self-realization, an author and a travelling yogini. I love to explore the edges of my comfort zone, opening to deeper authenticity and experience of my divine self.

I have been blessed to have explored Global Travel | Kundalini Activations | Brain Training | Yoga Intensives | Vipassana Meditation | White Tantra | Ayahuasca Journeys | Sexual Healing | Breathwork | Sound Activation | and More … and now I am sharing my story within the pages of the Body Ascension Series.

Watch Angela chattin with Catherine December 12, 2013


Book One: AVATAR ANATOMY (Available December 2013) shares my journey 9148_DITCH_CC.inddinto the body as I learn to recognize the guidance of my true divine self, following her blindly as she leads me to open the energy pathways and fully embody her true essence.

Once in my body, the realms of the subtle energetic world open to my perceptions while notions of needing to fix myself fall by the wayside and a deeper understanding of truth and love is remembered.

I leave an old life behind and embark on a global travel call that initiates continuous psychological cliff jumps into rapid transformation and the elevation of my consciousness.

Book Two: WAKING THE GODDESS (Available in 2014) is my Journey with the Shakti Energy as I explore connection through the body. Whether merging in an idea, a practice or an intimate physical connection, I learn to be naked in my authenticity and fully present in the infinite sea of our interconnectedness.

Book Three: THE NEW OS (Available in 2014) details the changes I’m experiencing as a whole new operating system for the body-mind is being activated within me. A level of integration that deepens as I write is bringing me to a state of pure grace and faith in knowing that we truly are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

This is an exciting time to be embodied. We are ascending to a whole new paradigm in our evolution. Are you ready to open your pathways and channel your true self?


Avatar-Anatomy-3D-Book---Web-SizeAngela holds sacred space for transformation and creates experiences that invite you to remember who you are. Healing is remembering. Remembering is shifting your perspective from body-mind to true self.

A modern day gypsy, Angela circulates the planet landing wherever the guidance takes her. She currently resides between Grande Prairie and Sedona while completing the Body Ascension Book Series and planning and hosting Body Ascension Co-Creative Playshops around the globe.

For more information about Angela’s Books and Body Ascension Playshops

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