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I’m so thrilled to be chattin with Ania Basak, in a conversation about the very awesome event Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign. POSTERFCPC2013S-1

Why this show on LGRCC? Because many years ago when I was in politics, a WWII Vet who became an art teacher, told me (I paraphrase from memory) that he was concerned about the arts, sports, dance and music being taken out of the schools…‘these are the people who imagine a better world and do not thirst for war!’ I feel the same way. This is the world of potential that I long to see thrive.


Globe with headphonesThe LGRCC chat  will air on Oct 7th, 2013 at 8pm Mountain Time, 7 pm Pacific and 10 pm Eastern. It’ll be available to listen in replay 24/7  thereafter. (same link for original broadcast or replay)


Ania Basak
President of Fashion Calgary/ ABStyle
Founder of Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign
Makeup Artist/Fashion Consultant/Personal Shopping Assistant
Giorgio Armani/YSL/Guerlain Beauty Ambassador
Cell- 403.614.0139
E-mail –
Twitter – @aniabasak

This is a fantastic opportunity for people all over the world, as well as locally to discover the fashion, fun, music, culture and potential in our growing city!



Ania is a very interesting and exciting woman:AniaFeature1

Ania was born in Poland, Europe. She dedicated her young life to studying & received a few scholarships-also from the Prime Minister in Poland. After graduating MBA at the Law & Administration Department at A. Mickiewicz University/Poland, she decided to follow her passion.

She became a professional Fashion Stylist & Makeup Artist after graduating Maestro Image Academy in Poland, held by the International Champion of Makeup & Style – Olaf Tabaczynski.


Pianist – graduating 1st & 2nd degree of Music School, back in Europe. Writer/ Media Correspondent between North America & Europe.


Moved to Canada in 2007 – directly to Calgary where she married one of the top photographers in Western Canada – Rafal Wegiel



Currently focusing on her work at Fashion Calgary & ABStyle, where she wants to help developing cultural scene within Calgary as well as nationwide. Working in Calgary as Beauty Ambassador for many luxurious brands, such as Guerlain Paris, Dior, YSL, Giorgio Armani.

Inspired by people with passion…


Here’s the Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2013 event being held on October 24, 2013 that we’ll be chatting about 57891_10151288021889714_2080713052_n

Tune in for more details and find out what Calgary, Alberta Canada has to offer in the way of culture, fashion, music and more! This is a high vibration event and that’s where I believe our exquisite world comes from…engaging the cultural creatives who see the world in a new, vibrant and joyful energy!

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