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split pic 2 Rose Sangregorio Lgrcc Jan 7 2015-1So often we hear about how ‘seers’ of the past or religious documents talk about ‘Armageddon’…and now in 2015 many people are aware that the earth has changed, in many ways. We seem to be experiencing some major energy shifts as well as a lot of truth being revealed.

How can we best thrive in these changing times? What does it all mean? Are some people just ‘pure evil’? What is the role of the lightworker now that the energy has changed and many believe we are in the 5th Dimension? These are some of the questions and concerns discussed on the first show of the 7th Season of Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine.

My guest was Rose Sangregorio of the Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation. We also talked about the many events she has going on and how you can work with her. Your feedback is always welcome…let us know what you think about the issues, or if you have topics you would like us to cover on

Please check the show listing page for new shows coming soon. I invite you to share the links to the shows, the website and chat with me on social media as well.

Many blessings


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