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Hello to you…hope this email is welcome! Updating you on new shows, guests and fun on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine…

check out the guest list, profiles and more here

Visit the show page for upcoming or to listen to previous broadcast shows on demand.

Next live show is Wed Jan 29th as we discuss the Chinese New Year of the Horse…with Debbi Coleen on Go Deep or Go Home; then Steven Cuoco will be joining me to talk about healthy beliefs and then Shelly Dressel (Goddess Light) is back for a live show …you can read more about my guests on their profile pages too!  Visit or today!

I’m looking forward to exploring …you  can join us for live shows right from the live show page, via phone, internet and you can use skype too! All the details are on the live show pages.

There are new video chats up on youtube as well…Teza Zialcita and Go Deep or Go Home discussing Changing Times Changing Behaviour…was a two part episode!



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