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Bow Bench Retreat was born out of a desire to connect with the feminine creative side of Nancy Strath. She took a very personal longing and turned it into something that fills a gap for many other women seeking something similar. It has also expanded to include men who are seeking space and a place to gather for business and connecting. Listen to the replay of Sept 26 2012 show.


Nancy’s Story:

I am a 42 year old mother of 2 boys, aged 12 and 15. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We live on his family farm south of Carseland overlooking the beautiful bow river valley.  My husband farms 600 acres and teaches full-time. The boys are very active in sports. We spend our free time driving all over Alberta for Hockey and Baseball, which of course I love!!!


I have worked as a dental assistant for 20+ years. I started quilting 12 years ago as a form of personal “therapy”!  Being surrounded by boys (even our dog is male) I found I needed an escape from all the testosterone, so I started quilting. That personal desire lead to part time job at a local quilt shop.


I met so many amazing women through quilting. Something magical revealed itself when I discovered how inspiring, relaxing and energizing it was to spend time with other like-minded people doing something you love.  So Bow Bench Retreat was created.


Bow Bench Retreat is a multi-functional facility designed to be a gathering place for people.  It is a quiet setting where old friends and new friends meet.  The business was started due to my love of quilting but I soon realized that everyone can benefit from a  place like this! Now, we host a real variety of workshops such as;  Photography classes, fly fishing lessons, Yoga, scrapbooking, kids sewing classes, writer’s retreats, artist retreats and many more!


Bow Bench Retreat is available to rent for baby & Bridal showers, parties, meetings, seminars etc. It is a ‘space’ which can allow for easy dialogue and presentations in a relaxed atmosphere. That ‘space’ and sense of peace, playful joy can be very conducive to networking and flowing conversation. Ideas are born in just such types of settings!


As a society we’ve gotten so busy we’ve forgotten how to “stop and smell the roses”. Bow Bench Retreat with its idyllic location provides the opportunity for groups to “escape” while still getting “work” done.  A quick, easy 30 minute drive from Calgary is all it takes to get away from the stresses of everyday life and rejuvenate and inspire your creativity.


You can connect with Bow Bench Retreat via their website

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