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Let’s Get Real Chattin with Catherine is an internet radio show with a mission and intention to assist in creating an exquisite world! I’m looking for music to enhance the vibration of the show!

This is an opportunity for people to have their music played on the show and to let people know you are out there!  If the message, sound and vibration is upbeat, inspiring, moving, and you want it heard, please send me your mp3, and I’ll have a listen. If it fits with the shows theme, I’ll send you a guest agreement, and an invitation to be a guest on the show and talk about your passion! I’ll play the music as often as suits the shows topics, as well as host your information, contact etc. on my guest page.

If you have a gift, a talent, a message to share…and this resonates with you…now’s the time!

In the vibration of love I extend this invitation to you now!




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