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Pen is Mighter than sword...short.001People who believe powerful women have penis envy are missing the point.

The ‘pen is’ mightier than a sword (not the penis)…for either men or women. The feminine capacity to communicate great wisdom & influence has been oppressed by many who believe might is always right. We deny this truth at our peril.
In the beginning was the word and all creation begins with sound. We are fools if we deny the power of women and especially, of women who are balanced in their masculine/feminine energy.

It is in part the indoctrination of humanity that has led women to believe they are less than men, or less powerful or less important. Women know this is a lie, but have also played their part in upholding the lie in order to play their role in a patriarchal society.

The true power of women is all the more obvious when we see how much effort has been made, over the last hundreds of years, to disempower her.

A woman has no need of a penis to claim and use her power, influence and wisdom. What is between our legs and part of our anatomy, is far less important than what is between our ears and inspired by the heart and spirit.

Powerful empowered women are balanced in their energy and do not envy anyone…

Catherine Whelan Costen
Clarity Whisperer

Change the Image NOT the Mirror

Change the Mirror?.001

We Can’t change our reflection by changing the mirror. No matter how long we stare at it, Or what shape we try to capture it in, or how big or small the mirror seems to be, or how big or small we seem to be…it won’t change…a mirror is only a reflection
the world is our mirror

If we don’t like what we see in the world, we can only change it by changing ourselves and the way we perceive what we see in the mirror

The mirror doesn’t have the capacity to change even if you wish it so, or look at it from different angles.

The only way to change the reflection is to change the reality

and the only way to change reality is to change our self …

 then the reflection will change

If we frown into a mirror do you think it will smile back?

If we smile into a mirror will the mirror frown instead?

Catherine Whelan Costen

True Empowerment

True Empowerment.001

“True empowerment does not come from taking someone else’s power…

it comes from igniting one’s own power from the reaches of eternity and divinity!

It comes from within…

any power grab that is derived from stealing another’s will only be an illusion…”

Catherine Whelan Costen June 12, 2016

Women Sabotage Women When…

Women Sabotage Other Women When…

When we believe there is only a very small piece of the success pie set aside for women in a man’s world

and only a select few will have it
Stop playing small and realize its not a man’s world.

Its just a world and there is enough for everyone
Your piece was set aside by the Divine and nobody else can take it from you

Catherine M Whelan Costen Clarity Whisperer

Women Sabotage other women.001

My Sense of God as Love

I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been going through some health challenges and working on my writing. I have a vision to launch a new season in the fall, however I am working through those details at this point. I’d love to hear your feedback on the previous seasons and if there are specific topics or guests you’d like to see covered on my network. I’ve had a couple of books in the works for awhile and I’m intending to have something finished very soon.

My life has been a journey of discovery, exploration, pain, tragedy, triumph and healing. The last 16 years have been intense in personal discovery as my spiritual gifts have become more clear to me. Healing the pain of losing my father when I was 9 yrs, then my brother when he was 23 yrs, and most recently my son when he was 29 yrs in 2012, have been the catalyst for much inner exploration. Many gifts and insights have been revealed through this process. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue have certainly forced me to do the inner healing and my intention is to share the journey with my readers. I expect that sometimes the reason for a life of many bumps is in order to share the insights with others.

I recently saw someone’s post on social media warning us to be mindful that God is watching us, which led me to this insight. Often my clear sense of knowing comes out of nowhere and I just allow it. This is one of those insights.

My Sense of God.001

As I explored this insight, I received further clarity into the idea of being judged, that we’ve been so often taught.

When we are on planet earth we have a unique individual ego that believes we are separate from each other and from God. Separation is simply a kind of amnesia, so that the Great I AM can experience itself in all the many facets of expression that we are.

That aspect of our beingness called ego is neither good nor bad, its our personality; however it only knows one reality. It also knows it will die. The spirit or soul of who we are cannot die. The belief in death is what is at the root of the fear driving the ego.

There is no judgment at death. There is judgment in life. It is a tool the ego uses to manipulate us and its been used by other humans to do the same. We are all connected. We are all aspects of the Divine or God.

We often forget that while we are in the human condition. When we die we are given the experience of feeling and knowing all that we did or didn’t do in our lives. So if we inflict a wound on another we will feel it as we go through that life review. The reason we feel it is because it is part of us, we are one. If I smash my toe, I will surely feel that. It is much the same thing, only in this illusion of earth separation there is a delay, as we believe we are not connected to the other souls on our path.

So the only caution we really need is to know that what I do to my fellow human, I truly am doing to myself.

That is not judgement. That is consequence. We will experience everything that we gave to the world when we return to the other side and drop our body. It is not punishment, it is a review of our journey. If we want that review to be enjoyable then our actions on this planet must be enjoyable. What we give we shall receive. It is a law. I hope that shines some light for someone. It is the insight I am being given, it does not necessarily mean it is for you. I share for the simple pleasure of sharing in the hopes it resonates with some and makes the journey easier.



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Just Because There are Clouds in the Sky

just because clouds in the sky 2 poster.001Just Because there are Clouds in the sky…doesn’t mean the sun is not shining…we are living in the dawn of a new age of peace

Never give up hope…we are the change…

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Resolutions or Not? a blog post

My latest blog update on wordpress…you can follow me over there as well. I shall intend to post as frequently as I’m inspired to do on the many issues of life!

It's a Joyride.001
Our experience on planet earth is primarily a journey to explore and expand self, not to prove our worth to the world, but to challenge ourselves for the sake of expanding self.  Read the full blog post here….

Remembrance Day 2015~Seeking Peace

Remembrance posters We remember.001In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

In honour of Remembrance Day 2015…
I reflect on In Flanders Fields” a war poem written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae (above)

I see that it has been 100 years of honouring our war dead
With his words of grief and horror, his call that we might take up the torch
And honour our dead by continuing the fight with our foe

After all these years we can see the oppressed have become the oppressor,
The friend the foe, the foe the friend, the cycle is endless
As long as we believe war and conflict is our only way to solve problems
It’ll continue to be our only way

But I know in my heart of hearts that we honour our war heroes more, by finding
Our way to peace…so that we disarm our foe with love, not weapons
That we honour our dead by finding harmony on this planet
I take up the torch so that I can be a light to a path of equality
And light other torches along my way

I take up the torch and pledge to speak words of passionate love for life
To honour and respect what has been our past and pledge to evolve
So that in our near future we do not lay another body ‘neath the rows of poppies
Nor another mother weeps as she buries her children
Nor another soldier lives with the horror of what he/she has seen or done for his country

I pledge to stand for truth, fairness and kindness even as the world seeks to crush those who are different
I shine the light as brightly as I can so that the horror of our World Wars can be seen for what they are, not for what we wish they were

I honour Remembrance Day and all who have served…
They did their duty…now it is time for us to do ours…
To commit to peace…to take up the torch and pledge to be peace…
Not to simply desire it in our nation, but to be it in our hearts…
To encourage it in our politicians and to expect non-violent communications in our relationships

When war seems like the only solution to our problems, we need to look again
When peace is as profitable as war, we shall have peace
The price of one soldier’s life has to be considered an expense we cannot afford to pay

The price of destroying our very planet with toxins and chemicals and bombs, must shake us to our knees in grief, beyond the historic sorrow of Flanders Fields

While poppies blow in Flanders Fields let them be an image that paved the way to peace, not a glorification of destruction

I pray that LT.Col. John McCrae is watching us from on high and cheering us on to be the light of peace that his ‘Torch passing’ evolved us to be

Catherine Whelan Costen
November 3, 2015

I Don’t Make Mistakes~I Make Choices

Posters for Empowerment I don't make mistakes.001I don’t make mistakes; I make Choices! Some have rewards I prefer more than others! Life is all about exploring and making choices. We only ever know the results of the choice we make. We don’t know about the choices we didn’t make. Some outcomes are more enjoyable than others.

How Can You Know When You are Not Claiming Your Own Power?
An Excerpt from the tools/insights section of the upcoming book (2015) by Catherine Whelan Costen (©Catherine Publishing)

Claim Your Power.001Life can be an interesting balance between other people’s power and our own. We all have a right to our own power and our own uniqueness. Often we learn in childhood to give away our power.

Sometimes that pattern of giving away our power follows us into adulthood. We may have been overpowered physically, emotionally or mentally as a child. We may have decided that giving it away was simpler than fighting to hold onto it. Whatever the reason, many adults struggle to claim what is theirs by Divine accord.

If you are not sure if this is what you are doing, take a look at your life. Here are a few areas that may ring a bell for you.
• Do people often claim they said something that you actually said?
• Do people take credit for your accomplishments?
• Do people seem to walk right over you even in your own workplace or home?
• Do people not seem to respect you?
• Do you change your opinion when confronted with a differing one?
• Are you the frequent victim of a bully?
• Do you find yourself begging to be heard, or validated or accepted?

Those are some of the clues that you may have given up your power or allowed it to be taken. When we don’t claim our own power, it’s as if it’s in a kind of ‘common space’ and open to whoever wants to claim it. We need to set healthy boundaries for ourselves in order to claim what is rightfully ours. In my experience it is like putting a lock on the front door. If we don’t own what is ours, somebody else often will.

We may have been taught that we weren’t good enough, not worthy of respect or even worthy of our place on the planet; but that is a lie. We are all unique and perfect, even in our imperfections. Nobody has the right to your power but you.
Claim it! Respect it and respect yourself. The world will not validate you, nor respect you if you do not do it first.

Claiming your power is not about becoming aggressive or abusive to anyone else. It’s about being so confident in your right to be, that you are capable of accepting rejection without taking it personally. It’s about honouring what does belong to you, your work, your home, your name, your body etc., that you never allow anyone to disrespect it, abuse it or claim it.

*the insight I have learned in this exploration is that the only reason someone would try to claim your power, is that they don’t believe they are enough on their own. So it’s an interesting situation when you can see that we each have enough and there is no need to steal from another; yet we often do. When we believe that there is limited resources and live in that fear based mentality, we often feel we are not enough. Changing our beliefs can and often does change our lives.

Are you in Ready for Life Mode?

People ask me all the time how I could handle the death of my oldest son with ease and grace? The answer is fairly simple. I did my personal work. I continue to do it everyday.

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Spirit does not yell…it whispers….

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I’m Done! How about you?

Posters for Empowerment I'm Done.001

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I’m Done! I’m done with being told what to do, how to be, what to think and believe

I tried it their way

I tried it your way

Now it’s time for me to do it my way!

Only you can be you and do it your way…

Only I can be me and do it my way…

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Say YES to you…Now!

Life is a dance with nature and with the many humans who inhabit the planet. We are all unique.

Posters for Empowerment Right Thing to Do.001We all have our own unique way of seeing the world. We also have our own specific experiences, which influence how we see the world.

Some people can only do the right thing when they know there is something in it for them. Some people can’t look away from doing the right thing, simply because it feels right to them in the moment. It’s not a question for them.

It just is. It’s not about people pleasing or believing they will gain some kind of prestige, or honour, or to be seen doing it.

It is simply an act that their heart, soul and very essence calls from them. Does that make other people who are not like that wrong? No.

It has been my understanding that not everyone on this planet is able to see the big and little picture; some observe one or the other but often not both. The little picture is very limited. It is about here and now. It is about the individual and their world. The big picture allows for all the dynamics of past, present, future, plus much more. It opens the eyes and all senses to an awareness of the ripple effect. It offers understandings of creation in a more complex manner that is not limited to recent history or lifetimes. It explains actions and often only offers glimpses of possibilities into the ‘why’ things happen. It allows for a more neutral acceptance of the All…

Every person has their own specific life path, lessons they came to learn, karma to balance, experiences they wanted to have.

None of us can sit in judgement of others because of their choices, because we simply do not have enough information to truly know which path is correct. Of course we have common and collective ideas of how to live on planet earth. We have all agreed to certain levels of what is right and wrong  on many matters. But from what I see, we are very limited for the most part on our ability to understand each other. We have little tolerance or capacity to accept the imperfections in ourselves or others. That is a key to our ability to be in joy, peace and harmony.

So the right thing for me, may not be the right thing for another. The gauge I use to measure what is ‘right for me’…is to consider how I feel. Joy, pleasure, love, satisfaction are keys to knowing what is right for me. If it causes pain to another and can be avoided then it wouldn’t be right for me.

Sometimes my choice might not please another, they may even believe it is meant to hurt them, but truly it is not our business to make meaning for others. We have to know what has meaning for us. We have to know that there are consequences for our actions or inactions. Only we can know what is acceptable to us. We all have our preferences for how relationships play out with people, the planet and everything on it.

What we decide something ‘means’ for us, will determine the choices we make. Understanding the meaning we have given something can often help us to let go of things that really hurt us. If I believe that something someone said, meant that they thought I was bad, or stupid, or less than and I accept that meaning, I will probably become ‘that’.

We often rise to the expectations of others. And we can also lower ourselves by the low expectations of others; if what other people think about us has meaning then we’ve given it power. Life Has no opinion.001

If you want to thrive, then you need to empower yourself.

The meaning people give to our actions or our very being often determines who we believe we are. We can set ourselves free by simply becoming neutral about what others say, or think about us.

There is always ‘something’ in it for us; whether it is part of our karmic lesson, part of our path, a joyful result, a challenge to overcome…etc. There is always something in every action and choice whether we are conscious of it or not. Is there a human pay-off? Sometimes that will be obvious and sometimes not. Choosing to help another for the sole purpose of gaining prestige, or money, or to be seen doing it, seems very shallow. Those are actions based on results that many believe are not ‘holy’ or not very high on our list of attributes.

A very limited belief is that there is only one right way to be, or only one truth in life.

If there was only one right path, we would not have so many on the planet. Truth is that there are no two people exactly the same, no two plants, or animals, no two moments in time identical; therefore I conclude there are many paths and many glorious ways to walk on the path. All are honourable. But what is right for you?

Our collective belief (one that I do not subscribe to) is that we have to earn everything; from our daily bread to our right to be free, to healthy relationships. We have to earn our right to be on the planet is one of the most distorted beliefs that I know. It has been used to manipulate people to do things they otherwise would not do, in my opinion.

But every action has a result. Every non-action has a result. For the most part and in my experience, every action, path and decision comes from the desire to feel good. The receiving of praise feels good. The receiving of money feels good. The receiving of physical goods feels good and we often see those results as shallow. Our survival depends on it.

Perhaps because we know that the human condition is so temporary, we know it is not enough, perhaps? We do require our physical needs to be met, however we also have other layers to our existence. Our soul and etheric bodies need to be fed as well. Sometimes the things we do have a positive or negative result for those layers of our being and cannot be measured by human standards.

Our job is to follow our path and to know ourselves intimately. Doing the right thing is easier when we listen to our own inner voice. Sometimes doing the right thing has no apparent positive result in our physical understanding, yet it just feels right. That is the most important guide I have found. For not other reason than that…it is enough for me

Doing the right thing…may not be the right thing for everyone else…we have to come to terms with what is the right thing for us…and let that be enough


Catherine Whelan Costen

For private Clarity Coaching visit: Catherine Clarity Whisperer ~exploring into the experience called life and revealing your own wisdomClarity Whisperer images 44

Posters for Empowerment Something standing in my way.001

Power of Love

Need Some Inspiration? #lifedeath #joylovepower #lovetrumpsfear

Exploring Higher Visions on page (Empowerment) was added recently to share a collection of thoughts to empower and inspire. They will be expanded as inspiration comes to me.

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Lets not become so obsessed with talking to our loved ones on the other side of the grave, that we neglect the ones who are still with us...the more connected we are in the now, the easier transitions can

Lets not become so obsessed with talking to our loved ones on the other side of the grave, that we neglect the ones who are still with us…the more connected we are in the now, the easier transitions can be…

If Freedom Depends~

Posters for Empowerment I will never be free if.001If we wait for the world to change in order for us to feel safe, we will wait…

If our freedom depends on caging those who frighten us we will never be free;

If controlling everyone else is our means to freedom, we’ll be busy for a lifetime with managing those we fear…

If we attempt to lock up everything you fear and everything I fear, there will be very little time to enjoy what we love

True freedom comes from surrendering and trusting
We have enough work to do in managing ourselves
Blessings Catherine