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Life is the Gift Whispers from the Other Side.001Sometimes the distance between heaven and earth is not very far…sometimes our loved ones send us a message through people, or nature, or circumstances. Sometimes they send us the scent of their cologne or perfume, or a food that was unique to their taste.

Today I was in a store making a purchase and as I rested my hand on the counter I could feel something wet. I was distracted while I talked to the clerk, but when I looked down my hand was bleeding like crazy. It had flowed on to the counter as well. I had scratched it somehow a few days before and it did not bleed at the time. I must have bumped it on my way into the store.

The clerk was very sweet and offered me a sanitary wipe, but the blood was just continuing to flow. All of a sudden a man appeared behind me and I had not noticed him but heard him say, ‘you’re alright’

I turned around and a tall slim man with a long white beard, whitish grey hair, smiled at me. I began to apologize as I tried to put this little bandage the clerk had provided to me, on my hand. The man laughed a bit and said, ‘oh I thought mothers were suppose to be good at that’…and I replied, ‘yes you would think so’

I apologized to him and the clerk again, for the scene, but the clerk said, ‘no problem at all’ and then the man said, ‘it was very entertaining’

I went out to my car as the blood continued to flow and sat there wondering for a moment. As I often contemplate the meaning of life and events that are out of the ordinary. Why had this scratch bled so much, it wasn’t very big, and why then? and then I wondered further….

‘hmmmm and how did that man know I was a mother?’ …and then I burst out laughing…’Ryan!’ I laughed. I know it was my son, who transitioned in 2012.
My life blood was also running through my son’s veins. To me this was a significant reminder, he’s always there when I need him. He always made life more sunshiny for me, and he told me through this stranger that my little drama, was entertaining, not inconvenient, not anything to apologize for; just like all events in life. Going with the flow, the bandage appeared when I needed it and so did a little message from heaven.

If you ever wonder if your loved ones still have the ability to communicate from the other side, just open your heart and ask for a sign. Then watch and let yourself receive.

I knew right away it was a message from my son, not because of the way the man looked, he was nothing like my son; but it was the words he chose and the way he delivered them that made me make that connection. If it had been a random comment, I wouldn’t have even wondered about the event. I pay attention to those kinds of moments.

‘Stuart Chase Quotes. “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” …I’m a believer! It makes life more exciting and the painful times more understandable for me.

Author/Producer/online talk show host

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Catherine Whelan Costen

Let’s not be Afraid of Death and Let’s not Be Afraid to Talk about It

Clarity Whisperer images 44Often times in life when we meet those milestones like getting married or having children we start thinking about being more responsible. We might decide at that point to take out life insurance and write a Last Will so that the people left behind will be able to take care of funeral expenses and dispose of our earthly goods with ease, and for the most part do it in the way we desire.

I think its a very important decision. But I don’t think we should wait for those moments. If I was giving advice on the subject I would suggest that when a child turns 18 years of age, or whatever is considered the age of majority wherever you live, that is the time to discuss a Will. Life insurance is something I recommend at the birth of a child, so that in the event of a death the parents can focus on the grieving process rather than the costs of a funeral. I don’t work for insurance companies, but I have been through enough funerals to know that having those kinds of arrangements made in advance create much more ease in the process.

Dealing with a funeral is never going to be easy, whether its unexpected or expected. If you are unsure of costs, or how you are going to pay for it, that adds to the stress and can for the most part be alleviated by preparation.

The other part of this process that I think is key, is to be able to acknowledge that death happens to us all. Many of us realize the importance of a Will and Insurance when we are the parents, or have a dependent, because we have been taught that death of parents first is the normal process. But in reality death is really quite random. No age is exempt. You can be a day old, or 103 yrs old or anywhere before or after those dates, or anywhere in between. There really is no rule. I think we just wish there was a hard and fast rule.

Ryan light5 years ago on March 15, 2012 I did not expect to be visited by the R.C.M.P. in the early morning hours to advise me that my oldest son had been killed in a vehicle accident. 5 young people were in that one vehicle, when it rolled out of control. Three were killed and 2 miraculously survived. Not one of the parents expected this outcome. It wasn’t part of the plan. And it never is part of the plan.

The thing about life on this planet is that it’s unpredictable. We don’t know the exact moment of our birth, usually and we rarely know the exact moment of our death. What we do know is that births happen everyday and so do deaths. Many people will not talk about death, they find it too morbid, or creepy or overwhelming, yet they will take their children to horror movies, or watch violent movies on television. Real death can be violent, it can be peaceful, it can be sudden or linger for months. I think we do a disservice to our children by not discussing death as a part of life. Perhaps if we allowed more discussion around it, we would see less violence in real life and less war perhaps.

I think we came to planet earth to explore it all, joy, pain, struggle and experience our feelings about all of it. When we numb ourselves from that we really are missing out. When we do not allow children to know that sorrow of loss is inevitable and allow open discussion, we are not preparing them for life. When we try to pretend that violence is glorious or war is an adrenaline rush without pain, real pain, we avoid truth. I’m not suggesting we saturate children in pain, however I am suggesting we talk about death just as we talk about any other part of life. It can be a very beautiful moment, when it is our time to transition. I do believe the more prepared we are for it, including some kind of spiritual understanding, the more ease we’ll experience in our own death and in the death of loved ones.

Contemplation of our death, loved one’s death or even a pet is certainly worth the exploration. In my experience it is the ‘not talking’ about the subject that creates fear. Healthy discussion around where we are going to go after this life adds to the dimensions of this lifetime. I think many people have fear about the transition process because there are so many fearful beliefs that have been passed down through traditions, religion etc. and many are used to manipulate and control us in this lifetime. I recommend exploring those beliefs and especially to discuss them openly with our children. Children can be influenced by media or conversations they hear, when a parent is not around and in many cases they may have questions about the subject but are afraid to ask.

Leaving our body and leaving our loved ones behind, I suspect is easier on the one leaving than the ones left behind; with the exception of those who have a fear of dying. But I do believe that in opening a dialogue with our children and even parents who have never discussed it with us in the past, is a good step towards making the transition process a little easier to deal with. It will not prevent the pain of loss, or buffer anyone from shock in accidental death, but I do think when we’ve had the discussion, prepared a Will and ensure our wishes are expressed, it can make that part of the process a bit easier.

Simple questions like, ‘do you want a funeral or to be buried or cremated?’ are excellent questions. Asking about what they’d like done with their possessions is an important question and another reason for a Last Will to be written. This applies to anyone over the age of 18 yrs, but having the discussion with younger children could be part of a greater conversation about life and death. Unfortunately I have seen too many people who are suspicious if children ask about who is getting what possessions. Sometimes the parent thinks they want them to die in order to get those possessions. My personal thought on this is, it has more to do with the parent’s fear of death and losing control of those possessions, than it does the perceived child’s greed or selfishness in asking. But again these are common situations because we have so much taboo around this subject. In many cultures its still taboo to talk about the birthing process too, or other bodily functions but that silence or denial about real life circumstances and events only adds to the stress and fear, in my opinion.

For me, talking about death is an easy subject, but I know it is not like that for everyone. I’ve had to deal with a lot of it in my life from a very early age and it is not that I got ‘used’ to it, but rather that it forced me to explore it as part of life and not something we can avoid.

As I remember this rather sad day in my and my family’s life, I also focus a great deal on the positive memories I have of his life with us on the planet. I don’t try to pretend I’m happy when I’m not, but I also don’t stay stuck in that sorrow for long. When I think of my son Ryan, I think only joyful thoughts. I miss him in the physical, but I know he’s exploring in the non-physical and that’s just fine, until we meet again.  Making Friends with Death poster.001

I hope this information I’ve shared tonight will at least give you a little nudge to think about the topic. It does in fact happen to us all, eventually. Remember this, most people cannot read your mind in life, so the chances that they’ll know what you wanted in death are going to be just as vague if you do not tell them. So write a Will and be clear as to your burial wishes, your possession distributions and if at all possible either have life insurance of the funds to pay for your own funeral. Those are gifts your family will be incredibly grateful for!

Best wishes for a long, prosperous, happy and healthy life to all of you!

Death of a Loved One~Especially a Child

It's a Joyride.001One of my facebook friends posted her status this morning announcing that her daughter died last night and that she wants to go with her. Very sad news indeed. I relate very much to this mother’s pain.

We never expect our children to die before us, whether that is in childbirth or years later, whether it is from an illness or accident as in my situation. We can really feel a sense of anger along with our sorrow. It’s just not supposed to be that way! We often hear exclaimed. And of course that does make sense to our minds.

Truth however is a bit different. When we get down to the nuts and bolts on the idea of life on planet earth, there really aren’t many rules or rule-books to tell us what is the right way or wrong way. There are laws of nature, laws of religion and a lot of manmade rules, but the process of life and death is just not clear.

It is what I consider to be the great mystery. Why do some get sick when they seem to do everything right and others seem to do everything wrong and thrive? Why do seemingly good people die young when old wicked ones live on and on?

Those unanswered questions leave many distraught. Although I certainly understand that desire to be with our children rather than live on the planet without them, I also know that each of us has a path. I think its natural to feel that way and I know many parents express it.

Today I simply want to say that this woman’s post is a reminder that life is precious. We just don’t know how long we have here. With over 9 billion people living on the planet now, everyday many leave and new ones arrive. What we do in between that cradle to grave is what’s important.

When my son left the planet I had all the layers of anger, sorrow, guilt and regret that come up over periods of time, but ultimately I had one major gift that has kept me willing to explore this planet even more than I did before. He let me know he was not dead. His body was of course, but not his true self. That part is soaring the Universe and communicating with me all the time. The more I open to his energy the more connected I feel.

So for me it is no different than a child leaving on a jet plane for parts unknown. The sorrow in a parent’s heart is real, but the joy in knowing they are thriving is also real, if we allow it. I would not say this to a parent who just lost a child unless they were asking for my insight. I would not suggest that we all go through this process in the same way, because we do not.

I have gone through the periods of loss, sorrow, anger etc over and over again. I went through the same process but it took much longer when my father died suddenly and I was 9 yrs old. That I was not able to reconcile until much later in my adult life because there simply was not the understanding in our world at that time.

I did the same when my older brother died at age of 23 yrs and I was twenty years. I have gone through the process for each person who left my life. Just in this recent year I went through it with my mother, but every time it is different; because every relationship is different. If there is one suggestion I have about making the process easier, it is to speak our truth all the time. Be quick to forgive ourselves and others. Take time to enjoy each moment. I think that holding grudges are the one human trait that leaves the most destruction in life and death.

So in closing this post I want to share a sense of individuality in the life and death process. Its not one size fits all. We need to have compassion for ourselves and others. Some people will tell you they will never get over it, and for them that will be true. For me there is nothing to get over. It is just a part of my journey. I don’t deny my pain and I don’t deny my joy. We need to allow people to express their truth, its not going to be the same as ours. It is not a competition. Getting to the top of a mountain has many paths, many challenges, sometimes we have friends to join us and sometimes we go alone. Although the goal may be the top, it’s the journey that gives us the gifts.

Change the Image NOT the Mirror

Change the Mirror?.001

We Can’t change our reflection by changing the mirror. No matter how long we stare at it, Or what shape we try to capture it in, or how big or small the mirror seems to be, or how big or small we seem to be…it won’t change…a mirror is only a reflection
the world is our mirror

If we don’t like what we see in the world, we can only change it by changing ourselves and the way we perceive what we see in the mirror

The mirror doesn’t have the capacity to change even if you wish it so, or look at it from different angles.

The only way to change the reflection is to change the reality

and the only way to change reality is to change our self …

 then the reflection will change

If we frown into a mirror do you think it will smile back?

If we smile into a mirror will the mirror frown instead?

Catherine Whelan Costen

Women Sabotage Women When…

Women Sabotage Other Women When…

When we believe there is only a very small piece of the success pie set aside for women in a man’s world

and only a select few will have it
Stop playing small and realize its not a man’s world.

Its just a world and there is enough for everyone
Your piece was set aside by the Divine and nobody else can take it from you

Catherine M Whelan Costen Clarity Whisperer

Women Sabotage other women.001

My Sense of God as Love

I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been going through some health challenges and working on my writing. I have a vision to launch a new season in the fall, however I am working through those details at this point. I’d love to hear your feedback on the previous seasons and if there are specific topics or guests you’d like to see covered on my network. I’ve had a couple of books in the works for awhile and I’m intending to have something finished very soon.

My life has been a journey of discovery, exploration, pain, tragedy, triumph and healing. The last 16 years have been intense in personal discovery as my spiritual gifts have become more clear to me. Healing the pain of losing my father when I was 9 yrs, then my brother when he was 23 yrs, and most recently my son when he was 29 yrs in 2012, have been the catalyst for much inner exploration. Many gifts and insights have been revealed through this process. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue have certainly forced me to do the inner healing and my intention is to share the journey with my readers. I expect that sometimes the reason for a life of many bumps is in order to share the insights with others.

I recently saw someone’s post on social media warning us to be mindful that God is watching us, which led me to this insight. Often my clear sense of knowing comes out of nowhere and I just allow it. This is one of those insights.

My Sense of God.001

As I explored this insight, I received further clarity into the idea of being judged, that we’ve been so often taught.

When we are on planet earth we have a unique individual ego that believes we are separate from each other and from God. Separation is simply a kind of amnesia, so that the Great I AM can experience itself in all the many facets of expression that we are.

That aspect of our beingness called ego is neither good nor bad, its our personality; however it only knows one reality. It also knows it will die. The spirit or soul of who we are cannot die. The belief in death is what is at the root of the fear driving the ego.

There is no judgment at death. There is judgment in life. It is a tool the ego uses to manipulate us and its been used by other humans to do the same. We are all connected. We are all aspects of the Divine or God.

We often forget that while we are in the human condition. When we die we are given the experience of feeling and knowing all that we did or didn’t do in our lives. So if we inflict a wound on another we will feel it as we go through that life review. The reason we feel it is because it is part of us, we are one. If I smash my toe, I will surely feel that. It is much the same thing, only in this illusion of earth separation there is a delay, as we believe we are not connected to the other souls on our path.

So the only caution we really need is to know that what I do to my fellow human, I truly am doing to myself.

That is not judgement. That is consequence. We will experience everything that we gave to the world when we return to the other side and drop our body. It is not punishment, it is a review of our journey. If we want that review to be enjoyable then our actions on this planet must be enjoyable. What we give we shall receive. It is a law. I hope that shines some light for someone. It is the insight I am being given, it does not necessarily mean it is for you. I share for the simple pleasure of sharing in the hopes it resonates with some and makes the journey easier.



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New Channeled Group with Shelly Dressel

As many of you know Shelly Dressel is a frequent guest on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, she holds a teleconference a couple of times a month which she invites the public to join and ask questions as well. In those teleconferences she does a meditation with Goddess of Creation. She has been working with the Goddess for many years now and often channels on the shows with me.

Recently she has been bringing through some new light beings and they have connected with her to bring forth a new point of view. She has decided to create a separate group connection with these beings, that you can participate in as well.

Go directly to her website, for all the details on this, along with the many other services she offers; including private sessions, meditation cd’s etc.

To register for the new online group…go to her website and look for the ‘Messages from the Light’

Here is her video telling you all about it!



Surrender is NOT Giving UP! Excerpt from book

Surrender IS True Empowerment

Last night as I quietly listened for Divine wisdom in my meditation, I had a sweet understanding come over me.

As the world is tumbling in chaos all around and people are pushing against and pushing for, fighting what they do not want and fighting for what they do; I wondered ‘can there not be a better way?’

We’ve been fighting every since time began on this planet. We’ve been waging wars for peace, which never made a lot of sense to me. Yet, it’s how we’ve been trained to believe that life is meant to be.
We teach our children, ‘anything worth having is worth fighting for’! Most adults agree with this affirmation.

Desiring Peace for Eons.001

Have you ever really explored that teaching? Is it true? It’s been a real thorn in my side, so to speak, all of my life. I’ve always pursued peace and the path of least resistance to peacemaking. As an ‘Empath’, I usually can read and feel the energy in a room and sense discord before it breaks into total chaos and intervene. That is not necessarily the best choice, but my desire for peace was always paramount.

Today I see that my intervention was not always the best course of action. Had I allowed those who wished to wage war to do so and just gotten out of their way, there is a good chance they would have stopped the chaos sooner. They would have found a resolution within the dynamics of their unique relation. But when it’s clear that someone else will intervene before any real damage is done, those who only know battle will continue to do so. They will not learn to engage in healthy relationships because there is no need. Further, the peacemakers expend all their energy trying to prevent war rather than using their energy for things they truly desire.

We often see this in children left to sort our their own disagreements, they will find a way rather quickly, but if they know that a parent will stop the ‘fight’ before anyone gets hurt they may push as far as they can until that point. If the parent intervenes too soon the children do not learn to resolve conflict themselves; they also may simply look for other ways to ‘get back’ at their perceived enemy without the parent seeing. Teaching children to cooperate, to listen to each other, to share and work in harmony with others is a key to future civil societies. But how do we do that, when in reality we are pushing them to compete and that anything worth having is worth fighting for? If they really want that specific toy, then they will be willing to fight for it, won’t they?

As a parent we would rarely provide a bigger weapon to the child being bullied, or harassed, yet sometimes we do just that. We will teach them to physically fight, to defend themselves in the world against other physical threats. We can only teach what we know.

I have the sense that this example is much like what happens on the global stage as well. There are those who believe that we have to intervene constantly in order to prevent the total destruction of the planet. Many of us spend our energy trying to intervene, to protest and fight against the horrors. We often pick a side in disputes and give that our attention, our energy, fund it, provide weapons etc. to the side we feel is either being oppressed or that we desire to win. Rarely do we seek ways to resolve the conflict peacefully. Again, we cannot use tools we are unaware of or have not been taught. We expend our energy on these matters and have little left to actually create what we do want.

Societies are built on the concept of competition and some consider, ‘survival of the fittest’ a very good ideal; believing that only the best and strongest will survive and that will make us a better species.
I think we have this backwards. For humans to really thrive on this planet we’ll have to find a way to live in peace, in harmony and to share. We’ll have to embrace what we love and let die that which we despise.

Just as in a family we cannot only feed the child that is willing to fight for their food, we cannot allow as we have been doing, the strongest bully to get the resources of the planet, to hoard and control them at the expense of the rest. In a family, the one that is fed will thrive, while the one that is not will die. As we know this, we realize that there are a few individuals who are controlling the resources of the planet at the expense of the rest, but we fight them at our own peril. We gave them the keys, the tools if you will and now we are attempting to take back control of the planet. They have already taught us they are willing to sacrifice the many for the benefit of the few. But we will never thrive on this planet if we keep playing their game.

Ultimate Power.001

We are going to have to start a new game. We’ve been taught that we are powerless, that we are weak and they are strong. This is a lie we’ve accepted as a truth for eons. It is not even the fact that we are millions while they are perhaps 100. It is not the fact that in our physical bodies we are small, yet they have armies and weapons. Armies are made up of individuals. Weapons are only tools that require a human intention to move. It is not that we need to fight against them at all. It is that we need to surrender the lies, surrender the illusion of powerlessness and return to the truth.

While I am a big believer in the importance of separation of church and state in politics; I am also a believer in the importance of the whole person. Religion is the application of beliefs in very specific ways. I am not a believer in religion per se. I am a believer in our connection to the Creator and that IT lives and breathes us, through us, for us and for IT’s own realization of physical experience.

As we attempt to deny our spiritual reality in order to be politically correct, we also deny our power, because in truth our power does not lie in our physical capacity but in our spiritual connection to the Source of All That IS. (When I say truth, I intentionally mean the truth that I have discovered and know, which may or may not be the same, as the reader knows)

In my meditation I realized that surrender is letting go of the illusion, not giving up on life. Surrender is the emptying out of the garbage and making room for the divine light that is our true nature. We are more than our human physical bodies and that is the biggest lie we have been taught. When we stand in alignment with our true divine aspects, there is no need to fight anything.

Love pure and unconditional is the power that creates worlds. When we allow the energy of the divine to be flowing through us, to us and for us there is nothing we cannot do, be or have. There are many spiritual teachers who have spoken of this power, yet we have come to believe that it’s exclusive to the teacher rather than meant for all of us.

Words have been twisted in our education, indoctrination and mostly conditioning, just as the great writer George Orwell wrote in his now famous and somewhat prophetic book ‘1984’. True surrender is not a weakness; rather it is empowerment. Empowerment is the taking in of Source energy, vision and inspiration to move us beyond the enslavement we’ve succumbed to. There are many examples of people going far beyond what they might normally be capable of doing through the application of Divine power, whether they did so knowingly or by virtue of prayer or dire circumstances. Spontaneous healing is one example.

Surrender for me, is letting go of the belief that I can only accomplish what my physical body has shown me is possible, along with the limiting beliefs regarding human potential I have been taught.

If we truly desire peace, we can create it, but we cannot do it in the old mindset we created the chaos in. Albert Einstein is often quoted by saying that the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting the same results…we’ve been fighting for peace for eons. We do not have it today because in truth, war is more profitable than peace for the few. The few control the media, the messages we teach our children, the glorification of war, and the heroes we are told have ‘fought the good fight’ and so forth. We spread their message of fear, of hate, of lack by the way we teach our children and engage in our relationships with each other.

In practical reality we the people, the masses have become the instruments or tools of the few, who seek to profit from our ignorance of our own power.

When we realize that our creator did not put us here to fight, but rather to explore and thrive, we begin to see that where we put our energy, is the force that influences that which grows. Each of us has all that we need, but we’ve been conditioned to believe we have to prove our worth in order to have it. We cannot see it due to the illusion we’ve bought. Many spend lifetimes attempting to prove their worth. Proving our worth requires fighting and conquering something or someone; that has been our teaching for generations.

As long as we continue to buy the illusion we will continue to fight each other for the profit of the few. That perpetual war machine will consume all of our energy; a machine manufactured using everything that we are and everything that we have; in fact we are the spokes, the screws and the lubricant that keeps it functioning.

When we let go and surrender, we open to knowing the lie and at first we can become angry at our purchase; it is a process but worth exploring. Uncovering the illusion is the path to our true freedom, in my experience. I believe this is the reason we were taught about the power of forgiveness, especially forgiving ourselves.

When we realize we’ve bought into a lie, we often feel the fool and reprimand ourselves for not seeing through it. But when we realize this is not about one person buying a lie, this has been going on for a very long time. There are people using the lie for their own gain, they are even doing some horrific and cruel things, but they couldn’t do any of it if we were aware of the lie.

I have written numerous articles on the aspect of fear as a tool, of the power of using it to manipulate the masses and as much as I do not appreciate the hell we are living on this planet, I do know we have the power to change our course.

This is an excerpt of the upcoming book by Catherine Whelan Costen
© “Exploring Higher Visions”

*NOTE: I would love to hear your feedback on this excerpt. Does it resonate with you? Are you interested in reading more? The book is in its early phase so I’d appreciate any comments or helpful feedback. Comment below or email me at         Thanks so much; Catherine

It’s a pleasure to be able to share this New Year Message from the Goddess of Creation channeled through Shelly Dressel. Shelly is a frequent guest on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine…you can read her bio on the guest tab above, as well as search for shows we’ve done on the show listing pages.

This is from Shelly’s blog…Shelly Guest Blog 2016 1-2016

Happy New Year 2016
Friday, January 1, 2016 – 15:21
in 2016 crystalline light energy love new energy New Year New Years Day
YouTube Video of the Message! I hope this finds you well!  Here we are, a new year yet again.  I know many of you will receive this on the 2nd, but it’s funny how things work!  We talk all the time about right timing.  I had set aside time on Wednesday to channel the Goddess, actually recorded 4 or 5 messages but I didn’t like any of them!  They felt awkward and forced.  So I let it go, said if I channel a message it will come.  Today I get up, it works just fine.

I am moving into 2016 feeling different. Read more….and also you can listen to the video message on this link as well.

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the viewers,  listeners, guests and financial contributors who’ve helped to grow this online chat show! Without you there wouldn’t be the amazing adventure we’ve been having! It is my sincere hope to be able to bring you more insight, more health shows, more exploration into higher visions in the New Year!

All the World's a Stage Happy New Year 2016.001

As many of you know this has been a one woman production and I jumped into it on a shoestring budget. The passion for exploring is what brought me to this venue and that will not change. However as I look to the new year I also am open to exploring other ways of sharing.

I’m certain there are better ways of making this expansion self sufficient and financially viable and I’ll take it wherever it leads. If you feel called to support the continuing shows’ expansion financially, you can sponsor or advertise here, and you can donate at the bottom of this page too…this is not meant as a fundraiser, however financial support is required to continue in this manner. Perhaps other avenues will reveal themselves.

This 2015 has completed 8 Seasons of delicious exploration and if there is a call for more, I am certain the Universe will deliver all the resources needed. I look forward to discovering the appropriate direction.

Many blessings to all of you! May there be peace, joy, abundance and prosperity for one and all in 2016!


Seasons of Light.001



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Seasons of Light Reveal Shadows

Seasons of Light.001As we begin the many celebrations of light around the world, various religious practices and belief systems celebrate light in many different ways.

The key and connecting thread for me is that light reveals what has been hidden in the shadows. It gives us the opportunity to clean up the areas of our lives that have been in dis-ease, or burdened by darkness.

The focus of my shows is on transforming fear, to move us into freedom with ease and grace.

Ignorance is not really bliss, it is simply ignorance and it prevents us from seeing truth. An infection in our body will still affect us, even if we do not have an awareness of it. Whether that body is an individual or a collective body, the understanding is the same.

It does not surprise me to see so much unrest and chaos on the planet at this time, because we are entering the Season of Light…and that light will reveal what’s been in the shadows. candle_light_evening_237086

As we see the shadows we often look for tools to clean up what we find in those shadows, or under the carpet or hidden in crevices of our lives.

Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is a venue that faces fear head on and offers many different ways or beliefs to help people deal with the shadows or blocks in life.

If you have tools to help people and want to share through this medium, please contact Catherine via the contact link above. I am preparing a new season of shows to share with the public, featuring guests from all around the world. This is your invitation …

Many blessings


Clarity Whisperer Gets Insight from Super MOON

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2015 lgrcc Promotional poster Catherine.001It’s September 7, 2015 and I have really noticed how exciting this time is on planet earth. Many people are noticing that along with some of the old negative stuff showing up in the news, there is a lot of new and positive going on too!

I’ve been exploring with leading edge visionaries, brilliant lights that are shining on the world and offering us new insight and wisdom.







Season 8 has been delightful and even had some surprises. Along with the many speakers for the International Kinesiology Conference 2015, IKC2015_rgb

I’ve also shared some insights into metaphysical aspects going on. Visit the current show listing for all the shows and the ‘inspiring guest’ link for amazing guests, sharing what’s new in science, medicine and more! It’s only going to get better!



Today Shelly Dressel joined me to chat about her experience as an RN who practices energy work, channels light beings, angels and ascended masters along with Goddess Light. We intended to share her insight into the death process, transitions if you will. But we didn’t expect to have such high light energy show up in my room and around me; and she was able to capture it on her camera!



clip for Transition vid with Shelly DresselYou can watch the short excerpt which is just about the phenomena or you can watch the full chat, which has that part at the beginning, along with our discussion about transitions. I find it helpful to understand death in a positive way, after all we are all going to leave the planet one day. It’s nice to be prepared.

Exciting times for sure! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Blessings Catherine

This is Our Time to Thrive! IKC 2015

Blogtalk banner globe.001I am thrilled to once again be uploading audio versions of the video chats onto blogtalk radio…

You can download them through iTunes and listen on the go! Subscribe to the blogtalk channel and you’ll get notifications of new shows!

The archived shows are also available to listen to at your leisure!  The blogtalk player on the current and archived show pages, plays the most recent shows. You can click on the icons on the player to take you direct to the channel or to subscribe to iTunes…Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.38.25 PM(not here…this is just an image so you’ll recognize it)

When you explore the current show page, you’ll often see two options for the same show and guest. One is for video option and the other for the audio only.

Isn’t it great to have choices?!

Here’s a taste of what’s to come….

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Season 8 on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is starting off with a blast of light and wisdom!

Here is a taste of what’s to come: I will be exploring with some entrepreneurs and get their insight on their journey. I will also be going deep into discovery  with several scientists, doctors, metaphysical & spiritual explorers, health experts and more! As a Universal Promoter of Incredible Liberators, Spiritual Healers and Brilliant Visionaries I am indeed thrilled to be bringing you these amazing people and their leading edge contributions to society!

This is not mainstream media, this is the new stream and flow of brilliance and you can expect different from us!

I’m proud to announce that Catherine Publishing is a Media Partner for the ‘International Kinesiology Conference 2015’ in Banff, Alberta Canada…September 23rd -27th !
You can visit their website for more information and register!

It’s an honour to be part of this amazing conference and to bring some of the highlights to you through ‘Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine’ online chats.lgrcc poster Catherine 2015.001

I will be chattin with several presenters prior to the conference, so watch for the updates as well as capturing some of the events as they happen live in Banff!

This is where science, light, higher consciousness and evolution of humanity come together in radiant expressions! We are breaking out of the old limiting beliefs.

Although I intend to bring you the best of the best from these days in Banff, I also believe that being in person in that high vibration of the mountains will indeed be an experience like no other! This event is a rare opportunity for the public to connect with leading edge insight! So if you feel called to attend please visit the link to their website and register today!

If you are exploring the booths of vendors, please stop by and say hello to me …I will be doing some on site interviews as well…Oh what delicious fun we shall have exploring with the explorers!


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An Exquisite World Doesn’t Happen by Accident! We have to create it!

I’m so excited! Season 8 will be starting this fall on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine!

I’ve been serving as a bridge between those who have an incredible message and those who are seeking to find a better way since 2012.

If you are ready to bring your light out to the world please contact me to set your place in this incredible season!

Watch for updates on the show page for air times and get ready to fly into the new!

All the information for inspiring guests is available here! I look forward to being inspired by you! 

What are you waiting for? The world is thirsting for a new  and better way …bring it! bring it now!

What makes an Activist? Why do some people speak?

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio show. As a facilitator, she brings her spiritual awareness and warmth in hosting the tele-course.

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio show. She is an author,  publisher, spiritual intuitive, Clarity Coach, and public speaker.

Excerpt from Catherine Whelan Costen’s next book:

Do you ever wonder about the people, we consider heroes from our past? Do you ever wonder why someone would step out of a very comfortable life to speak up and take a stand for a better way for other people? Do you ever wonder why they didn’t just play it safe and enjoy their own lives and ignore the plight of others?

I wonder how it is that some people are so passionate about making the world a better place, while others either do not see, or simply ignore the discomfort and suffering in the world? This is not a judgment. It is a question.

Why did Gandhi do what he did even though the odds were clearly against him? He could have simply enjoyed his life. Sometimes people do something seemingly just for themselves; they take a stand because they are tired of being walked on, like Rosa Parks…she didn’t take a stand for all the world, she did it because she had had enough…it had a ripple effect and we all know it was pivotal in changing the way people saw inequality. Erin Brockovich took a stand, when the odds were clearly against her; she didn’t do it for a movie…she had no way of knowing they would make a movie about her activism.

Posters for Empowerment Right Thing to Do.001What propels people to be concerned about the environment, human rights, freedom and fairness in the world? Why are some people comfortable just getting through life without making any waves, or are they simply afraid of going against the grain? I realize that many people simply do not know what to do, so they ignore it all. I also realize that not all change takes place due to speaking up or taking action in the public way. Much is done behind the scenes in very quiet ways; both for the greater good and sometimes not.

These are the questions that surface over and over again for me. How did we become so complacent? Why are there so few who are willing to take those risks and speak up when something is not fair, not humane, not healthy for the whole? I don’t believe we are sheep. I don’t believe we don’t care. I have a sense that we have been conditioned. I have a sense that the awareness we have about what happens to people who do stand up, the assassinations of very good people, the mysterious circumstances around various people’s deaths and the loss of jobs, or reputation that happens to many people when they do not follow the crowd, those are the psychological imprints that we as humans have been treated with over generations of lives. When I was in politics, (and even today) I was often cautioned not to speak out; because people feared for my safety. But I always remind people that there is only one way off this planet, we never go until it is our time and if someone decided to contradict God and end my time before I am ready, I will simply come back stronger than ever!

I remember being told as a very young girl, ‘do not make waves’! And I see that many have received the same message. So why is it that some people who also know that message chose to ignore it? Does it ever make you wonder what would happen if those individuals were many rather than few? Would the world be fairer for all, if many stood up? Or is there just too much fear? Or is it better to simply not think of it at all?

When I think about planet earth as the playground we all have been blessed to inhabit, only by that Grace of God (yes I do believe in God~I am not a fan of organized religion, my relationship with God is very personal) then I do not see why the earth itself should be controlled by a few, or why any people need be suffering in hunger or poverty or illness. When I see that a few prevent the many from thriving, that does not feel like something a Universal and loving God would ordain; which means that we have decided that we own the playground and that a few have the right to control all the toys and resources and instruct the many how we can play while we are here. That is a disconnect to me. Action Birthed in Love.001

I do agree that what we focus on expands. I do agree that fear is contagious and so is love. But I also know that we can be aware of problems in the world, and address them with hope, with joy, with solutions and positive intentions. I see a split between those who focus only on the spiritual and believing positive thought alone is enough, and those who believe that fighting what we don’t want is the only answer.

I believe that if we applied spiritually positive intention to collective positive action, we would see a very different and joyful world. We cannot apply anything if we are ill informed or misled about what is really going on in our world. Unfortunately no one is going to feed us the truth, we are going to have to hunt and gather it for ourselves.

So often spiritual people think politics is dirty,corrupt and exclusive for the elite, while political people think spiritual people are not grounded in reality. Both are incredibly inaccurate generalizations. First of all, none of us can fit into one category alone. We are complex beings, not just the human body but all the other layers of energy, including that spark of Divinity. I think it’s time to create a bridge…not to bring religion into politics…but to bring human beings into reality using all of our tools, including our knowing of spiritual principles, our knowing of the systems of democracy and how they function or not, including what is blocking the flow of resources to the peoples of the globe, including what is contaminating our food supply and depleting our clean water, including what is the source of the rise in disease on the planet; we have a responsibility to be informed.

Recognizing our spirituality is not flaky or woo woo…it’s Not doctrine, not more rules, but simply to acknowledge that we have a right to be here on planet earth; a right to clean water, air, and healthy food, we have a right to thrive and enjoy the planet, whilst we also have the responsibility to protect and nurture the planet and the other life forms as well.

If we do not claim our rights and responsibilities then we become victims enslaved by the lies, which say that we are not worthy of the rights, nor capable of the responsibility. Collectively we have been ‘dumbed down’ to accept that we are just too immature, unintelligent and incapable of anything more than following a few who we have placed on very high pedestals…so high that we can’t even see who they are or what they are doing…yes just like the man behind the curtain who called himself a Wizard and had all the power…we bought it and then we fed it until we were burdened by an imaginary debt to that Wizard. But he is no more real than a Hollywood version of reality. It would be laughable if it were a movie…but alas it is not.

What kind of world do we want to give to our children? Real or imaginary?

When we realize we are all ONE and that any harm we do to this planet or our fellow humans, we are doing to ourselves; when we get that….that is when we shall see true change. Gandhi was a perfect example of a peaceful spiritual political activist and in my opinion he made a positive difference. He is only one but he changed the world. I wonder what many with that kind of heart could do?


Frock-alicious by Design Edmonton Event!

Frock-alicious Edmonton self care.001Woohoo! So exciting to be connecting with such an amazing group of people! I’m very excited to meet everyone tomorrow!

This post is to provide a link for those in attendance to refer to, for some recap and tools they can use.

Many blessings…use this link (after Friday) and the password provided to you. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Visit the facebook page for my feedback after the event! Let me just say …it was fantastic! Not only the speakers…who were awesome (if I do say so myself)…and wonderful attendees, who made it all so magical…as well as the fabulous fashion show, the vendors who were showcasing some fabulous clothing, jewelry and handbags…all of it made the event spectacular!


Are you in Ready for Life Mode?

People ask me all the time how I could handle the death of my oldest son with ease and grace? The answer is fairly simple. I did my personal work. I continue to do it everyday.

If you need some help to get a bigger picture on your life journey, need a little Clarity…you are invited to contact Catherine Clarity Whisperer.

Spirit does not yell…it whispers….

Ready for life Mode .001On May 29, 2015 I will be speaking at the Frock-alicious by Design Event in Edmonton, Alberta

I’ll be sharing some of my tips and insights along with the other presenters…

If you’d like to get inspired and empowered …the time is now…go to the link today and register!

See you there…or if you cannot attend but want to work with Catherine private the option is also available..via Catherine Clarity Whisperer

If you are looking to be a guest on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine for the next season…visit this link and then contact Catherine asap….we are booking up now!

*(I will be giving away one spot for an online chat as a door prize at the Frockalicious Event in Edmonton as well)

I AM A Winner & You Are Too!

Posters for Empowerment 4.001

By now many of you who’ve been following Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine know that I’m a big fan of energy work, spiritual transformation that is not just about words, beliefs or practices…it’s all that and so much more! The beauty is that it works…and everyone will have their own signs and signals to know that they have changed their lives in the way that life shows up for them.

I wanted to share with you a little sign I experience today that revealed to me just how far I’ve come in my own personal work.

I was running errands and such and went into a store to pick up a few things. At the cash the clerk handed me a little card and said it’s an opportunity to win now and another one to go online to have a chance to win. So I asked her if I was supposed to open it there, and she said yes.

So I opened it and it said, ‘You are not a Winner’ or something like that…and she saw it and said the words out loud…but she said, ‘you are not an Instant winner’…and I laughed out loud

I looked her in the eye and I declared…’Well you are wrong and so is this little card…I AM a Winner!!!’ and no little card is going to tell me otherwise….ha ha…

I may have even given my head a little flip, push my shoulders back a little bit and had some attitude in that delivery! I’m not sure…but I do know that in that moment I knew that I had shifted how I see myself and my world.

Not only was it revealed to me but it was revealed to everyone within hearing distance and there were a few. The clerk smiled and said, ‘have a great day and don’t ever lose that attitude’…Clarity Whisperer images 44

I know that in that moment that clerk was also changed. She’ll probably never hear those words the same again. Life is always showing us what we really believe and because I didn’t hesitate, didn’t have to think about it for one minute before I flipped that statement around…I know that I know I am a Winner!

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me, or you it only matters what we believe about ourselves and that is what changes our world. I know that I could not have said that out loud to a complete stranger with other people listening, 10 yrs ago…or maybe even 3 years ago.

I know that all the time and effort I’ve put into learning, healing, exploring and believing has changed my life.
What about you? Are you a winner? Do you believe it? I do

if you haven’t visited the show pages or website yet…I invite you to explore today and if you want to work privately with Catherine Clarity Whisperer to explore into your world …got to

Numerology & Real Life

Do you ever wonder if numbers really have an significance in your life? What does your personal day, month, year mean?

Vikki MacKinnon head shot for bookVikki MacKinnon is a Master Numerologist and the author of ‘Please Take A Number’ Numerology for Real Life and Everyday Success and she joined me for a chat to help us understand more about how numbers work in our lives. I liken it to how much easier it is when we understand how gravity works and we use it to support us rather than work against us. Knowledge is power and this is no different.
Vikki MacKinnon has thirty years’ experience as a teacher and a numerologist, and a lifetime of interest in healing and spirituality. She has completed graduate level work in self-esteem and emotional intelligence, and is also a Reiki master.

Vikki has prepared numerology profiles for clients in Canada, the US, Britain, the Middle East, and Japan. She has been a guest on various radio shows and has also been interviewed for CBC Newsworld, the Calgary Herald, and Ottawa Metro News. PTN COVER

As founder of the Born to Thrive Weekend, and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, Vikki has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists in Canada and Japan since 2008.

Her mission is to help people understand how the energy of numbers affects all areas of life, and how we can work proactively with that energy for positive results – especially in our career and relationships.

“Numerology is unsurpassed in its ability to connect you with your purpose and guide you in the process of making your dreams come true.”

Holiday Special ~ Meditation on Love

poster guided meditation picSometimes the stress of the holidays can overwhelm us and we forget the point of these events. Love is the key. Finding time to love ourselves and go within to find our peace isn’t always easy. This downloadable cd is a guided meditation on Giving and Receiving Love…a special price to help you relax and feel more peace.

If you want to explore more into meditation and energy work please visit these pages

If you would like some personal coaching with Catherine please go to the Clarity Whisperer page for more information

I wish you much love, peace and harmony in a world that supports you in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!


Peace starts with us…internally


New Paradigm New Marketing

Clarity Whisperer posters new marketing.001

September 16, 2014~We are living in a new paradigm…we are not waiting for it…it is here! Many people are trying to use the old tools that worked so well in the old energy, but finding they don’t work in the new. It’s time to recognize the new. Money is spiritual. Money is energy, just like love, air, water and people. Everything is energy and everything is spiritual; there is no separation.

The Universe is always seeking balance. Balance between the feminine and masculine has been missing for many eons. Now we are seeing the feminine return. Along with her return is the realization that exchange of services and goods, regardless of what they are, must be met with an equal return. Giving without receiving creates disharmony. This is in part why the earth has been in chaos for so long; it is also why we are seeing more and more chaos now. As the earth and the beings on her are attempting to adjust the imbalance of eons, we will experience disharmony until we come to balance.



Start From Where You Are

August 27, 2014~Wherever you put your attention is where you are…if you want to move forward you cannot live in your past or future…set your intention and step forward…and make sure you stop to enjoy the scenery along the way! If you keep focusing on your mistakes, you’ll keep repeating them

Start from where you are…not from where you were…



Clarity Whisperer posters start from where you are.001

Nothing has Value Until We Decide

August 26, 2014~Nothing has any meaning or value until we give it value and meaning…not money, not time, not people or events…we decide what everything means according to our own beliefs, experiences and desires….get more insight via online chat shows and articles at

Money is worthless unless we want it poster.001

Pain is Resistance to Love

August 24, 2014 ~

Pain is the body’s indication that we are denying or resisting love by our guilt, blame, shame or fear…let the love in….

Pain is denial of love poster.001

Energy Flows~Clarity Whisperer

Energy flows poster.001August 21, 2014

For so many people (especially those consciously working on a spiritual path) there is an old belief that you have to chose between being spiritual and having money.

Old beliefs that money is evil, or that only wicked, cruel, greedy people have money has really not served us very well. The rich get richer and poor get poorer is a saying that many have grown up believing. It is one of the best lies ever told and ‘bought’ by the masses, in my opinion. The rich get richer because they expect money to flow to them the way air does, not because they earned it, or are good people. Money is not even real. Money represents the things we desire. Money is exchanged for products, services and in some cases for prestige. But money itself has no value; unless we give it value.

We often confuse having money with abundance when in truth we are already abundant in many things. Money is energy, just as water, air, food; and none of those things are considered available based on whether we are good or bad. Only humans attempt to force other humans to prove their worth in order to have the necessities of life. The Creator (or whatever you wish to call God) provided a playground for us all, humans, animals, plants and so on but only humans attempt to create resistance to life. No other species has to prove whether they are good or bad in order to thrive. People are not good or bad in truth; their actions may be desirable to us or not, but the being itself simply is. So why would having money make a person good or bad? Or why would we believe that money only flows to certain people?

Energy simply flows. When it doesn’t flow or circulate it creates resistance, which feels like pain. When money doesn’t flow it creates pain. When water doesn’t flow it becomes stagnant. When love doesn’t flow it creates suffering. Air, money, water, are not good or bad however they can act in ways that create discomfort to us. A flowing river can be nourishing and create ease, or it can be violent and create chaos but it is neither good nor bad. Isn’t it time we stopped judging money and allowed it to flow as well?

Wonderful people are attempting to create amazing things for us all. They are being held back denying themselves money, because of beliefs that money will corrupt them. Money doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Man has been able to manipulate energy in many forms for a long time on this planet, however the primary reason some have been able to deny the many, is because of our collective belief in these restrictions. Money is a representative or an idea of something else. Having money will not really do anything for anyone. Having money that someone can exchange for something ‘real’ like goods or services is the only reason anyone wants it.

Loving or hating money and the people who have it is not the root of the problem; it’s our beliefs around it that are causing the chaos. Fear of not having enough to thrive, or even survive is causing so many other problems in our world. Money isn’t the problem; it’s what money represents and the hoarding of it and all the resources we believe are controlled by it that is creating the lack mentality. Every time we curse money we are really cursing the things money represents. If we want to change this world, we’ll have to start talking about money in a whole new way.

Thankfully as we raise our awareness, more people will begin to let go of the old beliefs about the energy of this planet and allow it to flow as it was designed to do…freely!

Blessing you with prosperity and abundance in all things


You Can’t Earn Love

heart flameAugust 11, 2014~ You cannot earn love nor life. You can be open to both but you can never earn either. Both flow freely but you will never be able to contain either. You can create relationships with others, but love is a free gift, not something you own nor can control. You have life and once it is created it cannot be destroyed. It changes but it does not end. What you believe you have to earn is not love, it is a human conditional emotion. Unconditional love does not end. It simply is.



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