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New Channeled Group with Shelly Dressel

As many of you know Shelly Dressel is a frequent guest on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, she holds a teleconference a couple of times a month which she invites the public to join and ask questions as well. In those teleconferences she does a meditation with Goddess of Creation. She has been working with the Goddess for many years now and often channels on the shows with me.

Recently she has been bringing through some new light beings and they have connected with her to bring forth a new point of view. She has decided to create a separate group connection with these beings, that you can participate in as well.

Go directly to her website, for all the details on this, along with the many other services she offers; including private sessions, meditation cd’s etc.

To register for the new online group…go to her website and look for the ‘Messages from the Light’

Here is her video telling you all about it!



New Paradigm New Marketing

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September 16, 2014~We are living in a new paradigm…we are not waiting for it…it is here! Many people are trying to use the old tools that worked so well in the old energy, but finding they don’t work in the new. It’s time to recognize the new. Money is spiritual. Money is energy, just like love, air, water and people. Everything is energy and everything is spiritual; there is no separation.

The Universe is always seeking balance. Balance between the feminine and masculine has been missing for many eons. Now we are seeing the feminine return. Along with her return is the realization that exchange of services and goods, regardless of what they are, must be met with an equal return. Giving without receiving creates disharmony. This is in part why the earth has been in chaos for so long; it is also why we are seeing more and more chaos now. As the earth and the beings on her are attempting to adjust the imbalance of eons, we will experience disharmony until we come to balance.



Start From Where You Are

August 27, 2014~Wherever you put your attention is where you are…if you want to move forward you cannot live in your past or future…set your intention and step forward…and make sure you stop to enjoy the scenery along the way! If you keep focusing on your mistakes, you’ll keep repeating them

Start from where you are…not from where you were…



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Nothing has Value Until We Decide

August 26, 2014~Nothing has any meaning or value until we give it value and meaning…not money, not time, not people or events…we decide what everything means according to our own beliefs, experiences and desires….get more insight via online chat shows and articles at

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Pain is Resistance to Love

August 24, 2014 ~

Pain is the body’s indication that we are denying or resisting love by our guilt, blame, shame or fear…let the love in….

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Energy Flows~Clarity Whisperer

Energy flows poster.001August 21, 2014

For so many people (especially those consciously working on a spiritual path) there is an old belief that you have to chose between being spiritual and having money.

Old beliefs that money is evil, or that only wicked, cruel, greedy people have money has really not served us very well. The rich get richer and poor get poorer is a saying that many have grown up believing. It is one of the best lies ever told and ‘bought’ by the masses, in my opinion. The rich get richer because they expect money to flow to them the way air does, not because they earned it, or are good people. Money is not even real. Money represents the things we desire. Money is exchanged for products, services and in some cases for prestige. But money itself has no value; unless we give it value.

We often confuse having money with abundance when in truth we are already abundant in many things. Money is energy, just as water, air, food; and none of those things are considered available based on whether we are good or bad. Only humans attempt to force other humans to prove their worth in order to have the necessities of life. The Creator (or whatever you wish to call God) provided a playground for us all, humans, animals, plants and so on but only humans attempt to create resistance to life. No other species has to prove whether they are good or bad in order to thrive. People are not good or bad in truth; their actions may be desirable to us or not, but the being itself simply is. So why would having money make a person good or bad? Or why would we believe that money only flows to certain people?

Energy simply flows. When it doesn’t flow or circulate it creates resistance, which feels like pain. When money doesn’t flow it creates pain. When water doesn’t flow it becomes stagnant. When love doesn’t flow it creates suffering. Air, money, water, are not good or bad however they can act in ways that create discomfort to us. A flowing river can be nourishing and create ease, or it can be violent and create chaos but it is neither good nor bad. Isn’t it time we stopped judging money and allowed it to flow as well?

Wonderful people are attempting to create amazing things for us all. They are being held back denying themselves money, because of beliefs that money will corrupt them. Money doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Man has been able to manipulate energy in many forms for a long time on this planet, however the primary reason some have been able to deny the many, is because of our collective belief in these restrictions. Money is a representative or an idea of something else. Having money will not really do anything for anyone. Having money that someone can exchange for something ‘real’ like goods or services is the only reason anyone wants it.

Loving or hating money and the people who have it is not the root of the problem; it’s our beliefs around it that are causing the chaos. Fear of not having enough to thrive, or even survive is causing so many other problems in our world. Money isn’t the problem; it’s what money represents and the hoarding of it and all the resources we believe are controlled by it that is creating the lack mentality. Every time we curse money we are really cursing the things money represents. If we want to change this world, we’ll have to start talking about money in a whole new way.

Thankfully as we raise our awareness, more people will begin to let go of the old beliefs about the energy of this planet and allow it to flow as it was designed to do…freely!

Blessing you with prosperity and abundance in all things


You Can’t Earn Love

heart flameAugust 11, 2014~ You cannot earn love nor life. You can be open to both but you can never earn either. Both flow freely but you will never be able to contain either. You can create relationships with others, but love is a free gift, not something you own nor can control. You have life and once it is created it cannot be destroyed. It changes but it does not end. What you believe you have to earn is not love, it is a human conditional emotion. Unconditional love does not end. It simply is.



August 9, 2014

Catherine b&w with gloves~Life is so often filled with comparisons.

If you are suffering you are sometimes told to look at others who are suffering worse than you so you can feel better. Or as a means of making you feel guilty for your feelings. If you are prospering you are often told to look at others who are not so you can feel grateful. Or so you can feel guilty for your experience. Guilt, shame, blame are all tools which we’ve bought into to control our world, by controlling others through manipulating feelings.

But the truth is you do not need to validate who you are by comparing to others. You are being. Everyone is being who they are, not in comparison to anyone or any other experience. You need not apologize for your feelings, your sorrow or your gladness. When you experience sorrow, loss, or challenge, or joy, love and happiness, those are yours to experience, to learn with, to enjoy and not to compare.

Each has their own path and none are measured by what others are doing. Life is not a competition it is simply an experience which you perceive in only the way you can. The sharing is another aspect of experience, neither good nor bad. Only you can be you. Only you can experience your life through your eyes, your beliefs, your perception and that’s what makes it uniquely delicious. Only you can change it if you so desire. Isn’t that empowering?

Creating a World You can Live With

Clarity Whisperer images 44“Whatever you believe about your life and your world is exactly what you will find evidence of…regardless if you believe life is joyful or depressed…it all happens in our own individual point of view….chose your beliefs wisely …and if you don’t like what you see, revise your beliefs about life…it’s actually pretty simple…not easy…but simple….”

Catherine Whelan Costen

Time to Declutter?

Today’s channeled message is all about how we think about decluttering.

May 23, 2014

Many humans have a process of de-cluttering their lives by selecting what they don’t want and removing it from their collections. This does create space, however you might wish to try selecting what you do want and allow the rest to fall away. This is a different way of focusing your thoughts on what you love, rather than on what you hate, dislike or object to. Whether it’s your closet or your mind, de-cluttering is a very good practice, however if you consider the mindset you do it in, you may love the results a lot more.

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Blessings to you !


Channeled Messages from the Universe Through Catherine
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April 6, 2014
~Seek to know your own vibration. Do not attempt to change another. If the world is revealing negative people in your vicinity, then know you are attracting it. To change your world, change your own vibration. You will attract to you exactly what you are vibrating at. Positive, negative or neutral resonances will be mirrored to you.

April 4, 2014
~People often judge through fear and reject what they are unable to perceive with their minds. Going into the heart with an open mind can often help make the connection to the new or higher minded wisdom. Expanding consciousness is available to all, it is as natural as breathing. As humanity evolves more wisdom will come, but it will have little value to those with closed minds. Chose wisely your path. Only you can know what is right for you.
April 3, 2014
~As the earth shifts and changes in this physical reality, so too does every living being sharing this space. Embrace your uniqueness, your sacred gifts and talents and allow them to teach you. You have everything you need within you. The seeker will always find. If you wish to find the infinite wisdom go within for therein lies all the truths. Do not seek your truth in the external world, for it is only a mirror. If it reveals lies, disharmony and pain to your seeking eye, you have only seen the image of your fear. Go within and examine those fears, with a loving heart. You will find the external world changes as your perception of it expands. Peace be with you…be you Peace

March 21, 2014
I decided to go public with my channeled messages after I did go public on Facebook in a spontaneous moment. This was the conversation as it unfolded.

March 21, 2014 ~A channeled response through Catherine to questions posed about suffering and the necessity of it. This was the dialogue exchange (to give you a taste of what exploring can be like with Catherine):
Catherine: Actually I think the old butterfly experience was necessary in the 3D and it was also a choice. I think that the aspects of physical life can be a struggle, like working against gravity etc. But I don’t think we have to suffer, yes to pain, because the physical body has a sensory to it, in order to keep us safe. But no I don’t think we need that old cycle of caterpillar anymore. I think it’s time for us to spend more time on the planet in our butterfly stage. The new generations will likely not have to go through that, especially if we do not teach them it is a requirement.
This might be a stretch but to me, since I do believe in reincarnation; I’d say we have done the old suffering phase many many times, and that we have evolved and are waking up to that understanding. So now as we let go of the old ideas and beliefs we can step into the new with absolute ease. We’ve only used the butterfly concept because it fit with our understanding. But as we raise our vibration and the planet does also, we don’t really need that old learning. We got it in past lives. This period on earth now, is about realizing we made it!
Oh this really wants to be shared now…ha ha…so this is an interesting knowing that is flowing through me right now…but I get it so clearly that as I’ve suffered in many ways in this lifetime, and I did so of my own choice. The degree may not have been necessary, but I was tying up lose ends of past life stuff, finishing the lessons and now I can see it wasn’t necessary, but it was beautiful to do it just the same. My next life, I will not need to do it, but I might still chose some aspects if I decide I want to improve on a method or something along those lines. Oh dear…that is interesting…ha ha…so glad you asked the question…I did not know that till I wrote it…
(the question was asked about teachings of Rumi) Response channeled through Catherine: Well I would say that Rumi and also the many other teachers were giving us what we needed to get through those periods of evolution…there has been much suffering on the planet, and much growth…however I think that we have learned those lessons. We have learned that to continue on this planet we must let go of the ‘game’ of suffering.
Anon Question: How do you then account for paradox; light and shadow? How can we experience light without darkness?
Catherine Response: I really don’t know why I feel so strongly that the suffering aspect of our learning is over, but I do. The planet doesn’t need that game anymore, she’s allowed us to play it, via war, destruction, rebuild and learn etc. And now I think we’ve said enough to that kind of learning. We used to teach children about life, through pain, now we see that is not the best way to learn.
Anon Question: This may sound unkind; however, is suffering an illusion?
Catherine Response:: Yes I would say so. But then I think that perhaps this entire experience is an illusion. As Shakespeare’s words….’all the world’s a stage…and we are each playing a part or role’…I believe that…I’m paraphrasing of course.
As for shadow…I think that too was something we needed …and yes it creates a beautiful painting…and also it’s about the degrees of dark and light…can we survive with only light? I think we can
Here is my best and most current experience…when my son was killed two years ago…it wasn’t dark,,,, it was light. Did I learn? Yes very much. Did I feel pain? Yes but only in my body, not in my soul. So is that light and dark? hmmm I don’t think it was…it was a new experience and it was not suffering.
Anon: Yes, all of this that we call the five-sensory experience is an illusion, and most of us choose to make what is an illusion so real.
Catherine Response: exactly…so why not make the illusion joy, peace, love ? it is our choice…so why not chose something enjoyable?
Most of our training has been that we must have rain to appreciate the sun…but is that true? I don’t think so.
Anon: Very powerful, and thank you kindly for sharing the experience about your son, and how you are choosing to align with the light. Did you have that awareness when it happened or with time if I may ask, and if it’s personal, I respect your privacy if you don’t feel comfortable sharing.
Catherine Response:: We can have light rain, joyful rain, we can even have rain when the sun is shining…but we don’t expect it…I’d like to expect it more…because now I’ve seen it up close and it is possible to have both and have joy and sorrow at the same time
Anon; I hear you. You remind me of Byron Katie and how she presents The Work and lives her life.
Catherine Response: Oh yes it is very personal and yet it is also something I have no problem sharing because it was so profound and unlike any other death I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’ve had a few. Yes it was immediately. I was infused with light from almost the first moment of knowing he was killed…it opened me up to a knowing like I’ve never had, didn’t expect and at the same time didn’t even realize it had happened. Only I knew a power in my body mind and spirit that was unshakable, unmistakably truth. Nothing could confuse or misalign me in that energy. It’s taken time to integrate and understand but it has never left me. It took me two years to come to accept the physical pain in my body, that part I didn’t understand until this anniversary March 15…for about a month I was feeling it in my body, the sorrow…but then overnight it lifted…as I felt it and accepted it…then it lifted.
Further Catherine Response:: Yes I very much relate to Byron Katie…very simple truths.
What I think happened to me, is the new was revealed, the potential for how death and life can be seen if we want to…not that the other way is wrong, because of course it is not. But this was an insight into what else is possible. At least that’s how I see this
and perhaps the other part of this that is important to your question about suffering…is that my son did not suffer…I know this completely at the core of my being. He left his body before the impact. So suffering is not necessary even in death. That’s what I know now.
Anon: personal comment not included here to respect privacy.
Catherine Response:…. exactly …it is the drama that we have chosen to play out. There is a story about a man killed by his best friend. Not sure who told it, but the story is that when he gets to the other side~ he is asked by someone on this side about how terrible it must have been. He responds by saying ‘you don’t think I’d let an enemy do that to me do you?’…it had to be someone who loved him very much. Interesting ….
Well I think if we can know or at least have a window of understanding that there does not have to be suffering in death, then why does there have to be in life? We can at least ask the question…imo
Anon: Powerful question.
Catherine Response: yes…most of us have a fear of death as an underlying drive in our lives…but if we didn’t fear that…perhaps we could live more fully?