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Catherine on Richard Hoedl's show-2This week I was invited to be a guest on Richard Hoedl’s show…Dream Big Solutions

We explored the concept of following our bliss and the importance of knowing who we are. As many of you know the theme of Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine online chat show is to help transform or transmute fear to help us move into freedom; so that was a major part of the discussion in this interview.

My own life experiences and research tells me that when people are in perpetual fear they are not in a place to really follow their bliss, or know who they are. Survival skills are very different from thriving skills.

I mentioned in the interview the importance of understanding Dr Bruce Lipton’s work on fear and how it affects us globally. It’s interesting to me that we had this discussion at this time on the planet, with recent violence in Paris.

If you know anything about Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of Human Evolution…you will see how this chaos on the planet and so many children living in fear, translates to more chaos in the future. Knowing this can in my opinion help us to change how we live and move into thriving.

You can watch the interview here...

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