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A Man Before His Time…

Fr. Walter Krewski’s life was indeed an incredible journey….captured forever in the pages and photos within this book.

A priest who loved women and men; he understood the concept of ‘do not judge’ and lived it

One of his favorite joys was to share with people, that God loved us all, each and every one of us, exactly as we are! Exactly as we are! He usually followed that statement with a giggle… a sense of glee and wonder and awe -

For those who knew Fr. Walt through the years this book is for you, with pictures of the highlights of his life, in his own words as told to the author, he shares his wisdom.

For those of you who are curious about the Catholic faith, this book is for you. He shares answers to many questions that people wonder about, but don’t know who to ask, even many Catholics have found the information a great refresher.

He talks about the simple things, the complicated issues and the trying times. He talks about everything that mattered to him and always with a sense of humour!

For those of you who are in positions to counsel or offer advice, for parents, or priests, there is great wisdom in the simplicity of this man’s life, his acceptance of others, and insight into reconciliation and forgiveness.

For historians and those who are interested in life during the early 1900’s, the author has brought together the politics, the landscape and the attitudes of the times; there are documents from the Seminarians’ journals, their opinions about WWII as well as their daily life as they journey towards the priesthood.

The author explains about the miracle in her own life that permitted the writing of this book when all logical odds were against it ever being possible.

An inspirational journey with an incredible human being, who happened to be a Roman Catholic priest!

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Fr. Krewski and Catherine Whelan Costen at Fr. Walter Krewski’s 60th Anniversary of the Priesthood and his 88th Birthday Celebration St.Patrick’s Cathedral, Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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