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International Women's Day 2015 5.001

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th I wanted to share my hope and prayer that we have turned a corner.

It is my hope that this year might mark a significant change that we can really see all around the world; where women are honoured, respected and treated as the life bearers they truly are.

Women have made significant contributions to our evolution over the many eons we’ve been on this planet. But for far too long the feminine has been suppressed, abused, denied, shunned, and often dismissed as less than the masculine energy. It is not only women who have been hurting because of this attitude and behaviour. All of humanity is living with the wounds of the the suppressed feminine. Anyone who knows even a very basic concept of the dynamics required to create, knows that we cannot have creation without both energies.

This is not a woman’s issue, it is a human issue. As long as women are seen and treated as less than men, the entire planet will be out of balance. We are at a beautiful time in our history and I truly believe the feminine is back.

As I explore this day of celebration, I look back through our history and find so many women who never received accolades from the world, but nevertheless they still contributed in very pivotal ways to our evolution. International Women's Day Pledge.001

As you may be aware many women suffered greatly to try to improve the state of life for humanity and the planet, some were killed, tortured and burned for their power was so frightening to the very male dominated world at that time. I pledge to take a spark from those burning embers of pain and turn them into a flame of passionate desire that ignites a new world of balanced, fair, just and loving peace and harmony for all. Please join me if this resonates with you and be ‘the change’ we are called to be …

many blessings


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