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Basic Chakra Cleansing Before Meditation

It’s always a good idea to bring your body into a balanced, grounded state prior to meditation. This is a basic Chakra Cleansing you can do.

*New Info on 12 Chakras*

Ground and Cleanse the Chakras

Ground through the chakras in the bottom of the feet, rooting deeply in the centre of the earth, bring Earth energy up through feet, legs, up into the spine.

Create a glowing ball of golden energy in our solar plexus.

Through the crown chakra, connect with the highest celestial energy, bring it down through the 6th chakra, into the spine, down the spine to join the energy in the solar plexus.

Enlarge that energy, bring it up through the spine, across the shoulders, down the arms, out through the palms, over the head, down the back, under the feet, up the front, around the sides of our bodies.

Ensure the body is entirely surrounded in the golden light, no openings, especially behind us, a foot below and a foot above us, encircling us a little further than our arms would extend to the side, behind, in front.

Fill the aura field with sparkles of light, move the energy through each chakra, starting at the base of the torso, the Base chakra, front to back, adjusting each chakra front and back to about 2 inches in diameter, as is comfortable, cleansing each chakra with the Golden light, or white light, through the front to the back, and allowing the light to flow down the spine, down the legs, out through the chakras in the feet.

Cleanse the 2nd chakra two finger widths below the navel, then the 3rd about 2 inches above the navel, the 4th in the heart centre, the 5th in the throat, the 6th between the eyes, the 3rd eye area, and the crown chakra about 1 inch above the head.


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