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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or “turning” which is exactly what they do; they are energy vortexes in the body that spin. In a healthy system they spin clockwise. I’m not going to rewrite what has already been explained so well; here is a link to one of the best, clearest explanations of the chakras and their function that I’ve found.

They have a beautiful picture, which is helpful to see where each of the seven major chakras are in the body. I like the way they explain how the major chakras act as pumps or valves, which open and close to flow our energy through our system. It is similar to the way our heart pumps blood to our tissue. If we have a clogged valve in our heart, the blood will not flow properly and dis-ease occurs in the physical. If we have blocked chakras then the energy cannot flow properly either.

This is why it is so important to clear the chakras regularly. It is particularly important when we attempt to meditate and get in touch with our higher consciousness. We can’t get through to it if it is blocked. That only makes sense. I encourage you to explore this article, thoroughly.

I believe it is has covered so much on the topics of Chakras and how they work, how they relate to the physical body and often the physical symptoms or dis-ease in our body, that I couldn’t add anything to their information.  The language is clear, concise and relatively easy to understand. Take your time and really allow yourself to take this information in. Also please research other sources.

I never rely on only one source and I don’t recommend anyone else does either. Most of all rely on your own inner wisdom~if you cannot hear it…perhaps meditation will help?   New info on 12 Chakras

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