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Chandra A. Harbaruk…

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* Inspirational & Motivational Speaker
* Corporate Trainer
* Sr. Life Strategist & CEO
* Mediation & Negotiation Consultant
* Specializing in Human Development
* Riveting, inspiring, honest and full of energy

Chandra is committed to challenging individuals and organizations to charge beyond limiting misconceptions and operate at their fullest potential.

Her thought provoking insight inspires audiences to “get connected” and it doesn’t stop there. She equips them with her tried, tested and proven life strategies – real life tools for self-designed and most often unseen, success. She is well known for her ability to instantly unleash purposeful momentum in a fully engaging, and awe inspiring fashion. It has been said by thousands over the last decade, “If you get the chance to be in this woman’s presence, be forewarned, your life will positively never be the same”…

“Capitalizing on the potential of our greatest resource, our people, is no longer motivated by what it used to be.

A higher, ‘human’ level of exchange, recognition and reward for a job well done is required. With this comes a return of integrity, hard work and loyalty.

To capitalize on opportunities and shine above the competition in this radically changing and continuously demanding market, Industry Leaders must look beyond what’s worked in the past and get focused on what works today. The yielding question being, ‘what does work today?’ …and how do we stand out as the exceptional choice? It’s the ‘human factor’ that somehow got lost along the way;
that of which must be reintroduced into our businesses to achieve full ‘evolutionary edge’, working potential.” Chandra says.

Chandra has dedicated her life work to helping Individuals by creating revolutionary programs through which she facilitates strategic change processes to re-engage purpose, passion and personal contribution back into their everyday lives; and Corporations to re-align themselves with loyal, top performing employees & strategic alliances, along with timely, no fail, business expansion strategies, that not only increase profit margins, but overall value-perception.

Through her personal desire and commitment to continuously discover & fully engage in her true passion and purpose, Chandra has translated her expansive education & valuable life experiences into intuitively developed systems that work! Her personal & professional accomplishments include:

- Founder & CEO of Designing Destiny Enterprises Ltd.
- Senior Life Strategist
- Mediation & Negotiation Consultant
- National Coaching Certificate
- 5th Level Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
- Certified Power Skating Instructor

CORE A.L.I.V.E – The Critical Path to Infinite Profitability In Business Today… Customized Corporate Building Programs
A Division of Designing Destiny Enterprises Ltd.

PH: (403) 880-8128



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