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Connie Jakab author of Culture Rebel…

Connie Jakab is the author of the book, Culture Rebel, released fall 2012. Connie is passionate about rebelling against status quo living and encouraging others to branch out.

Connie is an active member of poverty reduction in her city, the founder of WILD (women impacting lives daily) as well as Mpact (, a dance company that produces shows based on social justice issues, Connie drives her passion outward into the arms of those wanting something more radical and meaningful in life.

Connie is an active speaker and lives with her husband and two boys in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

She can be found at and on twitter @ConnieJakab.



Connie is honoured to be a part of the Redbud Writers Guild


THE LAB~Oct 7, 2013~Connie’s latest adventure and initiative for youth! Listen to the show on Oct 9th, 2013 from the Show listing page and find out how you can be a part of this.

Connie Jakab~Hip-hop artist

Connie Jakab~Hip-hop artist


Legacy one and M-pact have come together to present THE LAB

We are creating a safe place for at-risk youth. Vote for us to help us receive the funds we need for our renovations. 


Legacy One and M-pact are two Calgary based groups who are passionate to help youth overcome the many barriers that oppose them today. Both organizations consist of hip-hop artists who use their art form to help youth find their voice and inspire them to leave a positive legacy. We do this by working in schools, teaching workshops and performing an inspiring and challenging show. Also, M-pact hosts an annual show that addresses specific issues and raises money to help other organizations working with youth.



THE LAB will be a creative hip-hop space for at-risk youth. It is a known fact that people get into trouble when they are bored and have no accountability. THE LAB will cure both of these causes by giving youth a positive outlet to express themselves through DANCING, legal GRAFFITI art, DJING and EMCEEING. It will also provide a community of leaders to mentor these youth and hold them accountable. In addition to helping youth, THE LAB will also be a space for artists in the community to come together and explore their creativity on a regular basis. 


THE LAB will be built on three main values: COMMUNITY, COURAGE, COMPASSION. A space where youth can find COMMUNITY to surround them, COURAGE to tap into their potential, and COMPASSION to discover what they have to offer the world. 


How THE LAB will build COMMUNITY

With two dance studios and a large venue space, THE LAB will be able to host after school programs for at-risk youth in the areas of hip hop dance, emceeing, legal graffiti art, and DJing. The venue space will be a place for the youth to perform and host dance battles. Also, it will be a hub to promote community among urban artists in Calgary. This will allow artists the opportunity to give mentorship to the youth. THE LAB will offer a safe space for teens to come and be “at home”. It will be a place where they can experience positive growth rather than getting involved in harmful activities. 


How THE LAB will build COURAGE in youth 

Through the hip-hop element of cyphering, THE LAB will be a place to be free to fail, yet be empowered by a supportive community. It will be a place for youth to discover their potential and to succeed in ways they never thought they could. In turn, these youth will be given opportunities to lead and build courage in others. 


How THE LAB will fuel COMPASSION into youth 

The Lab will be a common space for people to be mentored, to develop character, and to step into who they are. It will provide after school workshops, which will break down intimidation and create welcoming atmosphere. The Lab will connect with local organizations working with troubled and homeless youth to provide positive programming.


Check out what we have already done…

AND be apart of what we are doing. 


Vote for THE LAB

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