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How would we live if we realized that Death is just an Ego Trip?

Catherine Whelan Costen

October 15, 2012


After thinking about this subject for many months and examining it under my personal microscope I’ve come to some conclusions about life and death here on planet earth. I am sharing with you the very basic concepts I now consider my truth. It’s not for everyone and as always I reserve the right to change my mind. As I learn I expand and open to a deeper understanding, so what is true today may not be tomorrow. This is my today truth! This is what I have learned.


3D World

A few beliefs, which I hold, that will help the reader see where I’m coming from. The first belief is that earth is not the only game in town. Earth in the third dimension is only one of many earths along with many other planets and universes with life. Not all life on other planets will look like life on earth, but some indeed do. This 3rd Dimensional planet earth experience which most of us were born into, have had repeated lives here and continue to struggle with is the most fear based ‘space’ in the universe. This is the only place where darkness is so rampant and where we can really experience the concept of fear in so many areas of our lives. This is the fear planet.


The planet herself has had enough of our game. She is transitioning to a higher dimensional frequency, with or without us. That’s what the shift is all about and the end times or 2012 prophecies. We shift or we move; we can go with ease and grace or kicking and screaming, but we are going. That’s where we have no choice. The landlord is renovating and we have to pitch in and help or get out. The rent is higher! A higher vibration is required in order to live here and the reality is that many of us have the ability to raise our vibration, but we don’t want to do it. Some of us just moved in for a chance to view the shift, but we don’t plan to stick around to see the end results. Some of us know this consciously and some do not. It doesn’t matter whether we know or not, it’s happening. It’s as if a big notice was written on the bathroom wall but we just keep pretending not to see it, or it’s so covered in our soap scum and debris that we just can’t see it. No matter. It’s still happening.


The Battle

There are some 7 billion souls on this planet today and many are not from human origins. Many are from other dimensions, here to help us. Some are here to prevent the shift from happening. Some beings feed off our fear and so have a vested interest in interfering with the changes. They will not win the game, but they are fighting just in case. They have a desperate futile hope in that outcome.


Some of us have incarnated many times on this planet, some are new souls, some have been living in other places and came back to help the transition of this beautiful planet. The fear game has played out and it’s reached a level, which our dear mother earth has said, ‘enough’! Which is why the Divine Feminine is able to rise up again and take her rightful place and the Divine Masculine is being called back into its role as well. Both have been out of balance. The time is now.


It is no wonder that many beings are choosing to leave the planet at this time. They only came to play a role for a short time, to view the scenery before the big changes, or to assist in bringing in more light and more love. Love flows in when we open our hearts, but they’ve been closed for so long on the collective level, that often we need big global situations to break our hearts. (Think WWII, or 911 or Katrina, or the death of Princess Diana, or Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and more…) Those souls participated in those events knowing why they were doing it, at a higher level, not at a conscious human level. We owe them our gratitude and understanding. We can look to the many global events in the past 20 years and see how our hearts were moved to opening, to compassion and wanting to understand our fellow human being.


In and Out

When we realize that these souls did not cease to exist but merely ceased to inhabit a human body, then we can begin to see the bigger picture.


Death is a very human belief. We are born into our human bodies and we have certain life lessons to learn. We agree to play certain roles for the other humans we meet along the way. Other beings do the same for us. Even the miserable, rotten, sons-of- guns who make our lives hell; they do it for us, not to us. (Of course the degree to which they do it can be inappropriate at a spiritual level also, they forget who they are, they get caught up in the human condition sometimes) Those agreements are made at a soul level before we come. The mission has been to change the way we do life on this planet. But for those who feed off our fear, they do not wish to let go of the control they have over us. This is the battle between light and darkness. Think of all that you fear most deeply and realize it is food for some; do you wish to feed them?


Each being on this planet today has had perhaps hundreds maybe more lifetimes on this planet. So we come in with our previous experience, our new family genetic lines, our unique gifts and talents, our old karmic agreements to heal, fulfill and change. This is the time of change, of healing DNA and many made a commitment to come to assist with this process. It has not been easy. There is much at stake and many are watching us. Some cheering us on, other’s hoping to see us fail, or even interfering with the process. Most of us have forgotten our reason for being, but we have markers or little nudges and we have Angels and celestial beings that assist us on our path to fulfill what we came to do. The innocent baby, who becomes a brutal adult, may be attempting to get revenge for a previous lifetime of being a victim. That’s how we did things for generations, but no more. Those days are over. I suspect those who incarnate now with that old energy are here to heal it, forgive it and let it go rather than perpetuate more of the same; but remembering is the key.


Belief Systems & Ego

The stories, religious and other that have helped feed our belief systems have all had elements of truth, in my opinion, but not the whole truth. God is within every single one of us, not just the perceived good or innocent. God is the great I AM, the Alpha and Omega, so nothing that exists cannot be God. So the sacred is the all.


God cannot be destroyed. It is eternal, infinite and everlasting. It is the beginning and the end, the never-ending circle of life. Therefore how can there be death? God is within.


The ego is a human aspect. The ego is earthbound. It will not go with us when we leave our body behind. The ego is an amazing gift, which ensures our survival, however it has been allowed to drive our vehicle, up until now. It is as if we have allowed our 3 year old to drive the family car and expect to arrive at our destination on time and on purpose. Many of us realize this now and we are pulling our 3 year old back to its rightful place in the backseat and giving it games to play while we the adults take over driving the car.


The ego has a role, just not the role it has been playing with our full consent. We did not necessarily do it consciously, but we did nevertheless allow it. Now we have to consciously decide where we want to go, how we want to live and are we willing to be the adults we can be? We have allowed ourselves to believe in all the fear based concepts running this planet. Are we willing to examine those rules and ideas?


Time to Go

Every time someone dies on planet earth it is their time, not perhaps our time, but as decided by their higher self in communication with God (creator, Universe or Spirit, whatever you call I AM). So the infant in utero, the still-born baby, the child of 9 yrs, or 29 or 104…all of them, no matter how they died, it was a choice. If they died at the hands of another, it was a soul agreement that we may not understand. If the behaviour was extremely cruel, inappropriate and inhumane as we say, then it will be discussed and dealt with by higher evolved beings than us. But we have bought into the concept that we must control each other and perceive the ‘mind of God’ in order to prevent people from dying! It’s absurd! We have opportunities built into our travel plan for planet earth, opportunities for growth and opportunities to leave the planet. When we have completed what we came to do we leave, or when it has become too hard we may find an open door to go. Suicide is an out for sure, but it’s like jumping off the Ferris-Wheel before the ride is over. We bought the ticket expecting one thing and then once we are on the ride we are not willing to wait till it’s over to get off. Fear has kicked in. Fear that is all too rampant on this planet and too saturating our air waves and minds, does not allow many to see that the ride will stop and we are safe. We can all help each other by creating space for quiet in our lives to connect to Source and remember who we are. I feel great compassion for those who cannot stand the noise of fear on this planet and opt for suicide and at the same time I know we can help prevent it. As we lessen our response to fear, it will become less powerful for us all. For many we seek someone or something to blame when someone commits suicide, but the truth is that we all contribute by our support for fear based beliefs.


Fear & Bad Behaviour

When I think about fear as the backbone of this planet I see it everywhere. The main fear based belief is ‘I’m not good enough’, which is an all too common theme in advertising today. That is the belief that feeds the rest. I need to buy the right clothes, house, car, etc. and work at a certain job, or achieve a certain status, otherwise I will be rejected by the pack, the world, society, my family, my peers and so on. We do not believe we are good enough as we are created, nor do we realize that we are NOT our body! Furthermore we do not believe how powerful we really are; if we did we would not need to take other people’s power or allow ours to be taken from us, or worse give it away to government, religion, our peers or family members etc.  If we knew the truth of our magnificence we would not fear our world. Rather we would see it as the playground it was meant to be and embrace it while we are here.


Yes we can also learn from ‘bad’ behaviour and many times we see grave injustices and we say ‘NO MORE’ and ‘Enough’ and these examples are visible to us so that we can choose. We can change our behaviour and examine our own conscious. Sadly for many we do not, do the looking within in these opportune moments, rather we point outwardly and say ‘they’ have done a ‘bad’ thing. They must be punished. These attitudes of pointing outwardly are the very thing that comes from fear and creates more fear-based rules for us to break and be punished by each other.


When cars were originally designed we delighted in the new machines. Then people died while driving them, so our fear kicked in and we called for safety restraints and technology created everything we screamed for! More rules for using the cars and more deaths and more rules as more people used them. But even today after all the rules and all the punishments for those who wouldn’t obey them, we still have death by vehicle. We are constantly testing the limits of the human condition! How fast can this body travel and still survive? How high can it soar without oxygen? How deep can it swim and still function? How much sugar and drugs can it consume without dying? How little sleep or water or nourishment can it survive without? When we do not have enough fear in our daily lives we seek out movies and books with stories that terrify us? We are addicted to fear and yet it is killing our planet and us! Why do we do these tests? Predominantly I believe it is because we can, and this is the only planet that has allowed it; up until now.


Punishment ~Why do we Want it?

We scream for punishment for anyone who behaves in a way that we do not like, knowing that those who wish to act in anti-social ways will never follow our rules anyway. It’s a belief system, which we accepted as a way to make us believe we are safe if we follow these rules, if we do not follow and something happens then we deserve whatever horrific consequences. Society has created a level of acceptance for consequences and punishment that we are willing to endorse. There was a time when we accepted public hanging and many a thrill seeker enjoyed watching another person struggling through the torturous death. Satisfied that they ‘got what they deserved’! There is smugness in our ego mind, ‘better them than me’; as we share a collective guilt from that first time we turned away from God and believed he could never forgive us. Then we bought into all the ways that God must be conspiring to make us miserable and punish us, either here or in the next world. (I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new, it’s just a certain level of rhetoric that we all shared in, to one degree or another, and it’s absurd! Why would a loving God sit around figuring out ways to torment and punish its children?)


We placate ourselves with the belief that once a rule is in place, or law, or threat of punishment then our fellow travelers will obey them and we will be safe and avoid death. Ego has played on our fear of death in so many ways, but death is not to be feared. Death is the most natural of transitions and many welcome it when they have had enough of the game. We choose death when we tire of the drama, trauma and fear of this planet. That has been the only way out for eons. Now we are being asked if we would like to choose a new reality. We are being asked if we can live here and let go of our fear? Can we transmute the old negative limiting beliefs and welcome the new, life affirming, abundance for all, peace on earth, and cooperative relationships on a global basis? Indeed life is a gift, it is sacred, it is a privilege and when we are finished we leave. When we have that understanding very very clearly about how precious life is, then we will use our time wisely and not wish to take that gift from another, nor cut ourselves short. But death is not the end as many believe; especially our ego. That is perhaps the biggest lie ego has perpetuated and which all other fears flow from.


Heart Thinking Better than Rules

Every tragic event, involving our planet or a species on the planet including humanity, creates a heartbreak which propels us to move into heart thinking and it happens without rules. Heart thinking moves beyond rules and without any urging from an external directive. We do not respond well to rules or laws that attempt to control our nature or our free will, but we do respond to our hearts calling us and urging us (not always of course). Yes we do become angry when we see events occur that hurt others and part of that anger is our heart opening and us trying to prevent ourselves from feeling it. When I look closely at anger, I can always find a root source of fear. For example, as a parent I have reacted to my children’s behaviour at times with anger, because I was terrified for their safety. Or perhaps over-reacted in anger to a spouse coming home late because my fear had been brewing and my imagined fears overwhelmed me.  Many times we use anger to mask our other feelings and to try to prevent that heart opening. Which is why I believe many people have heart attacks. When we do not feel, do not see others with compassion and we block off the world through our superior ego protecting us from feeling, that is when we have physical symptoms like heart attacks. Our natural functioning spirit self is heartful, it is compassion, understanding, unconditional love. We have denied it to become these robotic consuming machines called human beings. That is not our true nature. We do not need a rule to know that a hungry child needs food and that if we can feed them, we will. We do not need rules to reach out and help another traveler. In fact it is the rules that have stifled many a Good Samaritan!


Our true nature is God centered. ‘God’ in the fullness of unconditional love which needs no rules or laws to force it to love. Love is all there is and fear is reduced and removed as the vibration of love increases.


Our anger when someone leaves the planet prematurely in our opinion, comes from fear; fear of never seeing them again, fear that we too will disappear into an abyss, or a hell or a unknown, fear of what we missed from that person, or the sense of being cheated of the love they had to share and our love that will not be received by them; but none of that is true. Our love for them does not stop; their love for us does not stop. Life on planet earth is really just a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, so the people we love are just on the other side of the veil, not gone.


The experience of hell in this world or the other is simply a state of mind. When we are trapped in ego thinking we do not look to the light. The light never ceases and we can choose it, or choose hell, but the choice is always ours. As we stop trying to force the world to live the way we see fit, stop trying to define God and the mind of God and the belief that we know what God wants, we will find peace. The area that I find most clarity is within the concept of Love; where love permeates fear dissipates. When I choose love I allow myself to see a whole new world with compassion and understanding. This does not condone behaviour that attempts to cheat someone else of life or of a good life! All of us can have a ‘good’ life, we need to believe it first, and allow those who choose otherwise to do so.  We fear death primarily because we have not really lived. We fear that we will not fulfill our mission or that someone will prevent us from doing so. When we embrace our true nature, we can recognize that none of that is true unless we want it to be so. We are amazing beings, not really human at all! We are spirit having this human experience on this planet, which has allowed fear up until now!


What we focus on does in fact increase. We have spent eons focusing on fear of the, what if tragedy is on my path, beliefs? Now we are being asked to say, ‘what if prosperity, abundance, joy, peace and harmony are on my path?’ and let go of the old ideology that has had us enslaved and will continue to do so as long as we allow it.


When we leave planet earth and review our lives do you think we will feel better, more fulfilled by having created controlling mechanisms to harness our fellow human; or if we assisted and demanded more punishment for those who made us uncomfortable? Or will it make more sense to us from that place of love, if we sought out those who made us uncomfortable and asked them, ‘where do you hurt? Where do you fear?’


There will be many on our paths that refuse to see that fear is transmutable, so we allow it. Why? Because it is their choice. Many came to planet earth to experience fear, as it is the only fear-based planet around. The planet herself has decided to change, she no longer is willing to support our fear game, but our choice is to let go with her, or fight her. Our choice will determine our future, not hers! For those of you reading this who are saying, nice story but that is not true…you are right…truth is very free will…we each have a right to our own truth! This is mine.


It is my understanding that life if precious and meant to be lived. That lessons show up to heal and learn. That judgment is in our minds eye alone and that ego is the only thing that ever really dies, hence the ego is in fear. If we let ego drive our lives then we shall also know only fear. When we put ego in its rightful place we can then realize the experience of our human life on this planet with more love, joy and peace than we have up until now!

Note: This is a very simplified version of so many complicated understandings and each one could be broken down to explore. I hope that this opinion has given you something to consider or examine. I do not claim to have all the answers; I am another traveler exploring possibilities.

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