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Making Friends with Death Birthing into a new dimension.001Never worry about what to say when someone is grieving…this is a great opportunity to listen. If we can meet people where they are at, eye to eye, heart to heart we need not worry about saying the right or wrong thing.

In fact words are most often going to be wrong…because they try so hard to force a feeling that is often guarded and not truth. We don’t want to cause more hurt to our grieving friend and we may be terrified of feeling those feelings ourselves.

The best gift a friend can give someone in their grief, is to be present. Silence is not to be feared. A hug when it feels just right is far more powerful than any words can convey.

Time spent with someone as they process their feelings is a gift that is often avoided; we can be so afraid of doing it wrong that we don’t do anything at all.

Knowing someone is there to hear the words when they do come is precious. Knowing it is safe to talk about their pain, their sorrow, their joy, their memories and everything that surely comes up is a gift that many avoid. It’s the gift that has many ripples.

If we can be in the presence of someone in grief, we can also allow ourselves to feel and be truly empathic without feeling sorry for them or offering pity.

Pity does not uplift. Pity is when we put our sorrow onto the person grieving.Making Friends with Death I will never join you in hate.001

Death is natural and the sooner we can accept that it is, the sooner we can embrace the tools to move through it with ease. It is no different than birth. Birth can be very traumatic, dramatic, painful and frightening when we are not prepared to birth a child into the world. But when we are prepared it can be joyful.

If we could see death as birthing into the new dimension without a body rather than the end, I think we’d embrace the tools and have a far better experience for everyone. #griefisnatural #deathisnatural #birthanddeatharethesame

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