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Deb Rowley~Coach, Healer, Teacher & More

DEB Rowley BEST BIO PICDeb Rowley, Coach, Speaker, Healer, Teacher, Writer, Free Hugger, Accidental Humanitarian, Artist… and IS…

Literally addicted to making peoples lives better and believes in the tenacity of the human spirit, sharing information for liberation, thinking outside the box,

~getting off the mouse wheel and leveraging life, random acts of kindness to be regular and not at all random,

~following your heart but taking your brain with you, that the world becomes a better place as soon as we look up

~AND that everyone can turn their lives from doormat into a red carpet.

Lives with: A fabulous husband, two 6ft tall grocery locusts (sons), the cat who chose her and a small magical dog who shamelessly rifles through handbags in search of tidbits.

Lives in: Auckland New Zealand, the narrowest part of a small country within moments of a beach she has yet to take best advantage of.

Her brand is Deb X and rebuilding peoples lives using energy, passion, colour and laughter is her bliss. She has a global client base.
Current projects: Crowd funding for a crowd healing event in Christchurch in November 2015

In 2004 she accidentally collected 15 tonnes of food and supplies for a cyclone stricken island in the Pacific ocean, and over the years she’s hugged thousands of people.

She’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, Founder of Bio Sonar and the Delightscope.

She has a blessing network, her clients call her their miracle lady and she’s been described as a cross between Jesus Christ and a fairy godmother.
Deb has clients who have literally thrown away walking sticks, supports and glasses, and their results have confounded physiotherapists, eye surgeons, knee surgeons, doctors, chiropractors and other health specialists.

Crowd healing – healing a WHOLE audience of people simultaneously.

She can be contacted at

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