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Debbi Coleen has been using her intuitive skills for over 20 years, helping people to discover what they already knew, but couldn’t access.

Debbi Coleen is a regular guest and frequent co-host on LGRCC, she is so generous with her time and sharing great wisdom with us! Contact Debbi for private readings at (this is a new email June 2015 she has moved to Kamloops, BC)

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About Debbi:(click the links to read Debbi pamphlet)

Meet Debbi Coleen Pamphlet

Debbi Coleen What if? pamphlet

Private Sessions with Debbi Coleen :

Private Sessions with Debbi Coleen :

Debbi Coleen works with her own Starseed Blueprint based on the Chinese 5 element theory along with tarot cards, astrology charts, numerology grids and a variety of other mediums, depending on the needs of the seeker. You can work with Debbi distantly as well as in person for private one on one sessions. 

She also brings her extensive knowledge of
 personality profiles
 family systems
 metaphysics
 personal growth processes & techniques
 spiritual & intuitive wisdom
& her Transformative Readings, Counseling, Online Classes & Workshops

It’s not REALLY about Reading your Future….
It’s about
REALIZING the Future you REALLY want….

We usually go very deep with Debbi and our chats around so many challenges of being human, and Debbi brings such amazing insight to the recipe! We always laugh and enjoy our humanity in this process! Very often Debbi will also use her skills to give callers on live shows the opportunity for a reading or some insight into their individual challenges.

Debbi Coleen’s Starseed Blueprint



View Videos of Debbi as a guest on LGRCC

Debbi joined me to chat about the Year of the Dragon 2012 on youtube

Debbi also joined me for a youtube video talking about God, in two parts: Part 1, and Part 2  visit the LGRCC youtube channel for more.


Contact Debbi via email:  or Phone: 604 630-8718


Listen to replays of shows by clicking on the players or link below:

Attention & Intention the importance of knowing how to use them~April 3, 2013

Balancing Body Mind & Soul Introduction to the online Telecourse with Debbi Coleen & Linda Nardelli

*Aired September 25, 2013 live show~Register for the course here


Globe with headphonesAffirmations: The Magic Formulas~March 20, 2013

Debbi Coleen LGRCC Mar 20 2013


The One Will: An Answer to Controversy~March 5, 2013

Debbi Coleen EWGN intro on LGRCC and the One Will


Debbi Coleen Health & Vitality pic Cropped

Through the Looking Glass Feb 22, 2013

Outside the Box Feb 6, 2013
Year of the Snake 2013 ~Jan. 23, 2013

Exploring Dreams Jan. 9, 2013

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