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Meditation Process for Discovery

Extremely Rewarding but ‘NOT a Quick Fix’

“Meditation is like dancing solo; with a partner who is so in sync, we believe they are us! Because spirit is us!”
Catherine Whelan Costen, February 2011

I have compiled some information I hope will be helpful for readers looking to explore meditation for relaxation, healing, exploration and enjoyment. I do not recommend reading it all in one sitting. You can use the links to articles on the top of the page as well as various links throughout the articles.

There are many types of meditation processes and it’s important to find the one that works for you. Meditation is also used in combination with other tools, such as but not limited to yoga. It can be used to find your inner guidance, to reveal blocks in your energy, or heal your wounds, travel into other planes or dimensions; in fact the use of meditation is probably as wide as your imagination can take you.

There are all kinds of people who teach or share meditation techniques and it is important to find the right combination for your purpose. Some people know a little and think it is a lot, others know a lot and think it is very little. I have yet to meet anyone or read anything that indicates that anyone knows it all!

This is a journey and although there is plenty of information available, here and on various other sites, in books etc, you will serve yourself better by taking your time to delve into this material slowly and contemplatively. Read, absorb, and ask yourself if the information resonates with your own truth. Read again, contemplate and so forth, before you accept anything written here or anywhere else. You have guidance, we all do, and that guidance is specific to you. Learning to hear and know the messages is part of the learning curve. The world is a noisy place, but spirit does not yell …so quiet is the only way to hear it.  I find that the more I know, the more I know how little I know. What was true for me at one point in my life, may not be true today…and that’s perfectly fine!

To assist you in your discovering I’ve added links to some information which I found interesting:–each is on its own page, so click on the link to read it –some links will take you to an independent website that I found with information that resonates with my understanding.

Feel free to find your own sources; find what resonates with you.

•    Understanding energy –What are Chakras
•    Understanding the layers of energy bodies in and around the physical human body and Understanding how these bodies help us when they are healthy and harm us when they are not –here’s a wonderful article to explain more
•    Learning the importance of proper cleansing or clearing the energy bodies –go here
•    How can I use meditation in my daily life?  Using Meditation

*Note: I am sharing my personal opinion, experiences and insight. Nothing on my website or in my articles is meant to replace your relationship and advice from your medical practitioner. Please seek expert advice wherever and whenever you feel called to do so.

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