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So many people believe the bill of goods we’ve been sold...we have no choice but to go to war…we have no choice but to stop the insanity and violence with more insanity and violence…that is our only choice….and that is a lie…we do have choices.

We the people are the ones who pay the price of inadequate leadership decisions …when our leaders are in fear, or motivated by greed, or lust for power and control of the masses, we have war. They can hype us up until, we demand war because we believe it is the only choice.
When we believe that people who are different are vile, or inhumane, or must be stopped by violence, we have lost our way. When we cannot see that war machines can only run as long as we chose war; we have closed our eyes and hearts to truth.

When we believe that training more and more of our enemy’s enemy and funding them, supplying them with tools for war…because we believe this makes us safe…we are oblivious to how we are being used as pawns in the grand machine called war.

It’s a military industrial complex as we were warned, but we paid no heed.

We have a Choice!.001


Today many continue to buy into the ideology that war is a must; that perpetual war is the only way…these are vile lies and assaults against humanity and the planet.





We have a choice and when we pretend we do not..we are lying to ourselves …but at what cost?


The glorification of war must end...and it starts with each one of us…this does not mean disrespecting those who stand for their nation, follow the direction of their commanders, but it means voicing our desire for peace and peaceful solutions and the ceasing of funding and training those who wish to wage war.

It stops with us.…we stop war…we stop the war we wage against our fellow human…in our personal relationships and on the grand global stage…we do matter…each one of us matters or we wouldn’t be here!

Stop the sale of war tools, stop the takeover of other nations’ resources and way of life…people will always fight back when they are threatened…we must stop our leadership from putting profit before humanity and this planet, if we are sincere about wanting peace….it stops with us…with our voice and our choice

Fear paralyses us, or makes us flee and we do not make sound choices in fear…not people in their daily lives and not people in leadership positions…let us stop the fear


Written by: Catherine Whelan Costen (opinion)

Writer/publisher/previous Canadian Politician

Host/producer ‘Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine’ online

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