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Life is a dance with nature and with the many humans who inhabit the planet. We are all unique.

Posters for Empowerment Right Thing to Do.001We all have our own unique way of seeing the world. We also have our own specific experiences, which influence how we see the world.

Some people can only do the right thing when they know there is something in it for them. Some people can’t look away from doing the right thing, simply because it feels right to them in the moment. It’s not a question for them.

It just is. It’s not about people pleasing or believing they will gain some kind of prestige, or honour, or to be seen doing it.

It is simply an act that their heart, soul and very essence calls from them. Does that make other people who are not like that wrong? No.

It has been my understanding that not everyone on this planet is able to see the big and little picture; some observe one or the other but often not both. The little picture is very limited. It is about here and now. It is about the individual and their world. The big picture allows for all the dynamics of past, present, future, plus much more. It opens the eyes and all senses to an awareness of the ripple effect. It offers understandings of creation in a more complex manner that is not limited to recent history or lifetimes. It explains actions and often only offers glimpses of possibilities into the ‘why’ things happen. It allows for a more neutral acceptance of the All…

Every person has their own specific life path, lessons they came to learn, karma to balance, experiences they wanted to have.

None of us can sit in judgement of others because of their choices, because we simply do not have enough information to truly know which path is correct. Of course we have common and collective ideas of how to live on planet earth. We have all agreed to certain levels of what is right and wrong  on many matters. But from what I see, we are very limited for the most part on our ability to understand each other. We have little tolerance or capacity to accept the imperfections in ourselves or others. That is a key to our ability to be in joy, peace and harmony.

So the right thing for me, may not be the right thing for another. The gauge I use to measure what is ‘right for me’…is to consider how I feel. Joy, pleasure, love, satisfaction are keys to knowing what is right for me. If it causes pain to another and can be avoided then it wouldn’t be right for me.

Sometimes my choice might not please another, they may even believe it is meant to hurt them, but truly it is not our business to make meaning for others. We have to know what has meaning for us. We have to know that there are consequences for our actions or inactions. Only we can know what is acceptable to us. We all have our preferences for how relationships play out with people, the planet and everything on it.

What we decide something ‘means’ for us, will determine the choices we make. Understanding the meaning we have given something can often help us to let go of things that really hurt us. If I believe that something someone said, meant that they thought I was bad, or stupid, or less than and I accept that meaning, I will probably become ‘that’.

We often rise to the expectations of others. And we can also lower ourselves by the low expectations of others; if what other people think about us has meaning then we’ve given it power. Life Has no opinion.001

If you want to thrive, then you need to empower yourself.

The meaning people give to our actions or our very being often determines who we believe we are. We can set ourselves free by simply becoming neutral about what others say, or think about us.

There is always ‘something’ in it for us; whether it is part of our karmic lesson, part of our path, a joyful result, a challenge to overcome…etc. There is always something in every action and choice whether we are conscious of it or not. Is there a human pay-off? Sometimes that will be obvious and sometimes not. Choosing to help another for the sole purpose of gaining prestige, or money, or to be seen doing it, seems very shallow. Those are actions based on results that many believe are not ‘holy’ or not very high on our list of attributes.

A very limited belief is that there is only one right way to be, or only one truth in life.

If there was only one right path, we would not have so many on the planet. Truth is that there are no two people exactly the same, no two plants, or animals, no two moments in time identical; therefore I conclude there are many paths and many glorious ways to walk on the path. All are honourable. But what is right for you?

Our collective belief (one that I do not subscribe to) is that we have to earn everything; from our daily bread to our right to be free, to healthy relationships. We have to earn our right to be on the planet is one of the most distorted beliefs that I know. It has been used to manipulate people to do things they otherwise would not do, in my opinion.

But every action has a result. Every non-action has a result. For the most part and in my experience, every action, path and decision comes from the desire to feel good. The receiving of praise feels good. The receiving of money feels good. The receiving of physical goods feels good and we often see those results as shallow. Our survival depends on it.

Perhaps because we know that the human condition is so temporary, we know it is not enough, perhaps? We do require our physical needs to be met, however we also have other layers to our existence. Our soul and etheric bodies need to be fed as well. Sometimes the things we do have a positive or negative result for those layers of our being and cannot be measured by human standards.

Our job is to follow our path and to know ourselves intimately. Doing the right thing is easier when we listen to our own inner voice. Sometimes doing the right thing has no apparent positive result in our physical understanding, yet it just feels right. That is the most important guide I have found. For not other reason than that…it is enough for me

Doing the right thing…may not be the right thing for everyone else…we have to come to terms with what is the right thing for us…and let that be enough


Catherine Whelan Costen

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