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Promote poster for guests Doug De Long.001Tonight I’ll be chattin with Doug De Long from the De Long Ancient Mystery School where they (he and his wife Carol) teach courses in spiritual and psychic development, ancient healing techniques, past life therapy training, and Reiki. They also deliver a menu of personal services and travel throughout North America and Hawaii teaching these courses. The De Long Ancient Mystery School has received students from all over the world.

Douglas De Long is a medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, counselor and past life therapist. He has written three books, distributed internationally, on the subjects of ancient healing, spirituality, reincarnation and psychic development. Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques are published by Llewellyn Worldwide,   His third book, Past Lives for Beginners was released in June of 2013.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners, De Long’s first book, has gone into its 8th printing and is now considered a classic in its respective genres, such as reincarnation, auras and chakras. De Long has also written for Fate Magazine, The Llewellyn Journal, WHOLife Journal, and many other magazines.

The website is   or email

Watch for the show airing soon….it’ll be listed on the 2014 show page

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