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Dearest friends and fellow travelers!

It’s been an amazing year for me this 2012! I launched the show in January 2012 just because I wanted to see if other people were as curious as I? I was tired of the negative media which wasn’t doing anything to educate me about what is possible on this planet. I wanted to go deeper than ever and get people talking about the amazing dreams many of us share. We did.

You have helped me through what might be considered the worst year of my life in many ways. This is where I see synchronicity working it’s magic. As I launched the show I had no idea about social media. I just wanted to ask questions and get some insight that I did not have. I wanted to imagine an exquisite world and thought others could add to the recipe of my life. We did that too!

In March 2012 my oldest son was tragically and unexpectedly killed in a vehicle accident. 2 of his friends were also killed that night and two were seriously injured. The magical part of this is that, had I not had the show, I would not have been on facebook and connected to my son’s friends. They helped me see my son in a whole different way. They gave me a very special gift of their memories and they continue to do so today. Many have become cherish correspondents and add a sparkle to my day! The guests on my show also helped me to see life and death in an expanded way. These are gifts for the bumpy parts of life which I shall always be grateful and treasure in my heart! We are all connected and sometimes it is tragedy that allows us to see it more profoundly.

I want to thank everyone who has assisted me in learning and exploring. We’ve shared laughter, deep conversations, learned about metaphysical, practical, magical…money, mental illness and health, physical health and so much more! I expect 2013 to keep inspiring me and to attract more and more amazing guests. The audience is growing and the youtube video chats are getting better!

November and December of 2012 will still offer shows, they just won’t be live! I have several truly exciting people for you to meet, so please check the show page regularly, or sign up for the RSS feed so you get the notification in your email. Also facebook, wordpress and twitter will be very active! I do expect that in 2013 I will attract some much needed assistants to help take the show to the next level and I’m very open to that growth! My dream is to reach millions and to share a positive message of what is possible. To live in the questions and create a true sense of hope for our future! You can help me by spreading the message too, and sharing the show links as I feel the replays are just as important as the live shows.

I’m not going anywhere, but I feel it is time for me to nourish myself and be with family for some much needed filling of my own cup of life! As I know all too well, life is short and precious!

Two shows you won’t want to miss next week…Oct 30th with Norma Cowie and Oct 31 with Debbi Coleen…check the show page for details…bless you all!

Until next time…take care!


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