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We are so much more than what we can see or touch!

Our physical body is only one part or layer of what makes ‘us’. The physical is the most dense, so therefore the easiest for most people to see. Some people can see the other aspects, or the aura around us. They can also see where there are holes in that energy, illness and imbalance. If we could all see that, we might be able to heal our emotional problems at that level, before it reaches the physical and prevent dis-ease.

The Layers of Energy bodies: (working from the outside in or inside out depending on how we look at it)  This link takes you to an external website which has a great deal of information, but do check out other sources as well. I’m offering you easy links to get started on the path to a deeper understanding.

This is a list of our energy bodies –for details go to the links please

¬Causal body –Our connection to Source –vast consciousness etc. here’s an article if you want to get into the deep of it

¬Buddhic (Nirvanic) Body

¬Etheric Body

¬Astral Body

¬Mental body

¬Emotional body

¬Physical body

This same website also provides a picture of our energy bodies in their common unhealthy state. It’s a powerful illustration and indicator of the need to cleanse and clear, heal and forgive in order to reveal a healthy state of being.

For More info Go here

New Info on  12 Chakras.

They never taught this in my health class in school; how about you?

The good news is that it’s never too late to learn. I find myself continually saying, ‘Oh my, who knew?’ and Wow! If I had known that before today – and yet there is a time for everything and not everyone wants to know. I recommend that you only take what you need, there is nothing to gain by pouring over every piece of information in the hopes to understand it better. Sometimes we only need a small amount of information in order to change our lives in a very big way. Take what you need, no more, no less and I think you’ll find the journey very rewarding!





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