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Energy flows poster.001August 21, 2014

For so many people (especially those consciously working on a spiritual path) there is an old belief that you have to chose between being spiritual and having money.

Old beliefs that money is evil, or that only wicked, cruel, greedy people have money has really not served us very well. The rich get richer and poor get poorer is a saying that many have grown up believing. It is one of the best lies ever told and ‘bought’ by the masses, in my opinion. The rich get richer because they expect money to flow to them the way air does, not because they earned it, or are good people. Money is not even real. Money represents the things we desire. Money is exchanged for products, services and in some cases for prestige. But money itself has no value; unless we give it value.

We often confuse having money with abundance when in truth we are already abundant in many things. Money is energy, just as water, air, food; and none of those things are considered available based on whether we are good or bad. Only humans attempt to force other humans to prove their worth in order to have the necessities of life. The Creator (or whatever you wish to call God) provided a playground for us all, humans, animals, plants and so on but only humans attempt to create resistance to life. No other species has to prove whether they are good or bad in order to thrive. People are not good or bad in truth; their actions may be desirable to us or not, but the being itself simply is. So why would having money make a person good or bad? Or why would we believe that money only flows to certain people?

Energy simply flows. When it doesn’t flow or circulate it creates resistance, which feels like pain. When money doesn’t flow it creates pain. When water doesn’t flow it becomes stagnant. When love doesn’t flow it creates suffering. Air, money, water, are not good or bad however they can act in ways that create discomfort to us. A flowing river can be nourishing and create ease, or it can be violent and create chaos but it is neither good nor bad. Isn’t it time we stopped judging money and allowed it to flow as well?

Wonderful people are attempting to create amazing things for us all. They are being held back denying themselves money, because of beliefs that money will corrupt them. Money doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Man has been able to manipulate energy in many forms for a long time on this planet, however the primary reason some have been able to deny the many, is because of our collective belief in these restrictions. Money is a representative or an idea of something else. Having money will not really do anything for anyone. Having money that someone can exchange for something ‘real’ like goods or services is the only reason anyone wants it.

Loving or hating money and the people who have it is not the root of the problem; it’s our beliefs around it that are causing the chaos. Fear of not having enough to thrive, or even survive is causing so many other problems in our world. Money isn’t the problem; it’s what money represents and the hoarding of it and all the resources we believe are controlled by it that is creating the lack mentality. Every time we curse money we are really cursing the things money represents. If we want to change this world, we’ll have to start talking about money in a whole new way.

Thankfully as we raise our awareness, more people will begin to let go of the old beliefs about the energy of this planet and allow it to flow as it was designed to do…freely!

Blessing you with prosperity and abundance in all things


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