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Women and Our Role in Evolution

This past year or so has been a profound learning process for me at a deep personal level as well as on an expansive global level. It’s as if I just got new glasses and my vision is not only clearer, but I can see a whole different perspective on my world. My journey has taken me to the heights of spiritual connection and the pit of humanity’s truth. I feel as if we are on the edge of change, the likes of which we have never seen before in human and earth’s evolution.

I passed another magical birthday this summer when I turned fifty. The lead up to it has been a roller coaster ride filled with new sights and sounds, new discoveries about myself and new understandings about relationships, roles for men and women and our connection to mother-earth and the divine; to mention but a few.

When I stepped out of the political world in 2006 in total frustration and disgust I had no idea what was in store for me. The one thing I was certain of was that if humanity was going to evolve, it could not do it by trying to destroy each other at any level, be it in personal relationships, through wars or in the poliltical venues.

I recently read an article about the Governor General’s Women’s Conference: “Together for Women’s Security” which was held in Canada on September 2, 2010.

The article had quotes from various women who attended. They spoke of the need for a ‘third wave of feminism’. They mentioned the work of the suffragettes of the late 1800’s and then what began in the 1960’s. There was a sadness expressed in how we haven’t progressed as far as we thought we would by now.

For example, another article reports that according to July 2010’s Statistics Canada, Canadian women in full-time jobs still earn about 73 per cent of what men do. It is an amazing realization to see that women are still not valued in the same way men are. But one of the points that the first article mentioned that stuck with me was the fact that in Canada we still do not have enough women in politics.

This is a quote from the article which highlights things for me…. “The feminists of 40 and 50 years ago directed their energies to changing property legislation, to creating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to crafting human-rights legislation, Ms. McTeer said. And then “we all went home,” she said. “We figured we had the law, everything would work.”

But the wage gap between men and women has narrowed only slightly since 1960. Women still hold just 22 per cent of the seats in the federal Parliament. They account for just 13 per cent of the seats on the boards of Fortune 500 companies. And the voices demanding change have largely fallen silent.”

It is my belief, that part of our hurdle is in letting go of the old thinking and allowing ourselves to see what is right with our world, rather than simply focussing on what is not working. To explore the possibility that women are not going to get into that old box of masculine design.

Canadian politics were largely created in the image of British government. We are a constitutional monarchy *(see below for an explanation) and as such our method of functioning at the parliamentary and legislature levels are based on masculine thinking, design and rules. Today’s politics are not participatory in my opinion. Women who embrace their femininity tend to join groups that require participation and expect them to contribute to the mission at hand. In November of 2009 this topic came up in the Lethbridge Herald and I responded with a letter to the editor. That resulted in an invitation to speak to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs

Anyone interested in reading that information or listening to the presentation can do so on my website - A Better World: Can Women Leaders Make it Happen?

I mention that presentation because during the question and answer part of the meeting, one of the women asked me what I thought about a new women’s movement and if I was creating anything along those lines. At the time I had not thought a women’s movement per se was needed. It was my belief that what is required is a meeting of the masculine and feminine minds, not more exclusion.

Our world is a reflection of our collective beliefs, cultures, history and values. What we see in governments around the world are very similar to what takes place in our families. Where women are honoured, respected, valued for their wisdom and opinions are encouraged in the home, we see that played out into the greater community. What we see historically in Canadian First Nation communities and in many other aboriginal communities around the world, is that the grandmothers are honoured for their wisdom and connection to mother-earth. What they speak of is revered.

In Canada we have the need for women’s shelters, food banks, inequality in pay, shortage of women in decision making roles, all things which speak to a culture and attitude of undervaluing the importance of women. As Ms. McTeer is quoted above, once we had laws, we believed that would be enough. But the truth is that we need a law  to enforce something which we do not yet believe in our hearts. Otherwise the law wouldn’t be necessary.

As I have come to understand the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and the importance of both energies I have also determined that what humanity has done, through our ignorance and squashing of our connection to spirit; we have attempted to eliminate feminine influence in our world. We have highlighed two extreme aspects of femininty; the first is the Virgin and the second the Whore. Both serve the imaginations of the masculine. Neither serves the reality of women or a healthy world. I will expand on this in the next article.

We stand at a pivotal moment in our evolution and although some say we are doomed, some say we have gone too far in destroying our planet, others say there is nothing wrong at all, and for the most part we are continually attempting to make one group wrong and another right. Whether it be gender, race, religion or country, we collectively are projecting fear and assuming that if we can lay the blame at someone else’s feet we will win. Winning the battle and losing the war. I do not hesitate to state that the root cause is not male or female, it is both. Women and men have both masculine and feminine aspects within, but we have both attempted to suppress the feminine and in doing so we are killing any hope of creation.

From my vantage point I see that there are plenty of empowered women engaging in positive action to alleviate suffering in our world. They are not doing it through the old restraints of male dominated politics. There is a third wave of feminine energy moving on our planet, however it doesn’t look the same as the old.

Feminine, creative, empowering, liberating and life enhancing energy is visible in the works of people like Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Ashley Judd, Malcolm Gladwel, Julie Andrews, Dr. Bruce Lipton and on and on the list goes. These are only a few of the more public people who’s works inspire, educate, empower and provide tools for us to live by. Not every person involved in the feminine movements of the past were women. In order to fully create we will always need both energies. That is the true evolution we are journeying towards today.  Let’s Get Real! (My new radio/interview show 2012 …check it out….Let’s Get Real ~ Chattin With Catherine )

*A Constitutional Monarchy explained by Wiki-“A constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch acts as head of state within the parameters of a written (i.e., codified), unwritten (i.e., uncodified) or blended constitution. It differs from absolute monarchy in that an absolute monarch serves as the sole source of political power in the state and is not legally bound by any constitution.”

Written September 15, 2010

By Catherine Whelan Costen

A Canadian author, motivational speaker, publisher


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