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2015 lgrcc Promotional poster Catherine.001It’s September 7, 2015 and I have really noticed how exciting this time is on planet earth. Many people are noticing that along with some of the old negative stuff showing up in the news, there is a lot of new and positive going on too!

I’ve been exploring with leading edge visionaries, brilliant lights that are shining on the world and offering us new insight and wisdom.







Season 8 has been delightful and even had some surprises. Along with the many speakers for the International Kinesiology Conference 2015, IKC2015_rgb

I’ve also shared some insights into metaphysical aspects going on. Visit the current show listing for all the shows and the ‘inspiring guest’ link for amazing guests, sharing what’s new in science, medicine and more! It’s only going to get better!



Today Shelly Dressel joined me to chat about her experience as an RN who practices energy work, channels light beings, angels and ascended masters along with Goddess Light. We intended to share her insight into the death process, transitions if you will. But we didn’t expect to have such high light energy show up in my room and around me; and she was able to capture it on her camera!



clip for Transition vid with Shelly DresselYou can watch the short excerpt which is just about the phenomena or you can watch the full chat, which has that part at the beginning, along with our discussion about transitions. I find it helpful to understand death in a positive way, after all we are all going to leave the planet one day. It’s nice to be prepared.

Exciting times for sure! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Blessings Catherine

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