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I thought it would be fun to expand what is already happening on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine , a production of Catherine Publishing! We are having so much fun, I decided  to reach out farther and higher, to include more views, more wisdom and knowledge in more exciting ways!

I’ve had this vision of an Exquisite World since my days in politics. I am letting you know that my vision is beginning to unfold in new and glorious ways. I’m so grateful to all the souls who are encouraging me and supporting the team in cooperation and enthusiasm. I will be expanding to a network of shows in the next few weeks; the actual launch is yet to be determined. My vision is to host a network where many voices can connect from all around the globe, so we can get to know each other better. I see it is time to bring all that wisdom so many of us have been learning from a spiritual expansion into the practical application. It’s time to BE the spiritual beings having a human experience, in a very real way! It’s not enough to know anymore, we are so ready to apply our new knowledge and old wisdom in very joyful ways!

It’s also feeling like the time to bring positive stories to those of you who are seeking them. We all know that there are many great things happening all over the world, but we don’t often hear about those things. It is my intention to bring that kind of material to you. Most of us know that like vibration attracts like, so the more positive messages spilling out over the airwaves and into people’s lives, the more positive lives we will perceive. That is my heartfelt belief!

If you have an idea, or you want to be involved in these early days of it’s creation please contact me through the contact link on the website. The new network is called Exquisite World Global Network, or EWGN for short. Here is a recent video I made sharing the announcement

I welcome your feedback, ideas, financial support to help us launch this as soon as possible. You are welcome to make a donation through the donate button! You’ll be able to tell your friends, ‘Yes, I am contributing to an Exquisite World Global Network’ ! and we’ll all benefit from that contribution!

Many thanks



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