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Anyone who has an attitude of hope, an idea or way of doing things that is uniquely fresh and inspiring. Anyone who has grown into an attitude of inclusive, cooperative and acceptance of others, and has another way…I dearly love to interview people with that attitude. I don’t have to agree with them, I have to find them interesting, provoking my curiosity enough to want to know more.

Examples: Musicians with uplifting, life affirming music, who want an opportunity to be heard. Politicians with an out of the box kind of attitude, the future Ghandi’s of this world. Inventors, with new energy or new understandings of how things can function in a beneficial way. Scientists, with deeper understandings of our connections to the Oneness.  Metaphysical practitioners with inter-dimensional understandings and beliefs they can share. Health workers, with new insight. Mother’s with better conscious parenting ideas that work. Teachers with positive views on how to teach, not indoctrinate. Researchers, philosophers, ditch diggers, bankers, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea…anyone who can pique my curiosity enough to get me to ask, who, what, where, when and why, and sometimes How?



Very simply, write to the publisher at
and send your bio, pic, and why you want to be on the show…what do you have to share? Read my website, especially the guest guidelines so you know what you are agreeing to and what to expect.
If you just want your music played on my show, that’s ok too; as your music becomes part of the show,  it may be used in other productions at later dates. You may  also want to have a profile page to feature your  bio, and let people know where to buy your product.


To get the word out…life doesn’t have to be hard, we choose it, we create it, suffering is optional, we only need to let go of the illusion we bought into and decide we want something better….many ideas open up the possibilities of a great idea being birthed!


HOW IS THE SHOW FUNDED ? Investing in Higher Consciousness Exploration is an investment in Peace

Your investment helps to bring subjects and guests to more people. Transforming fear to freedom is the theme and the more we chat about our beliefs and understandings, the less fear there will be. Fear is the root of hate, greed, oppression and war in my opinion.

LGRCC is a privately owned and produced show; independent in every way . It is funded by Catherine Publishing which is owned and operated by Catherine Whelan Costen. I am open to sponsorship to help expand to reach more people and share a great message of hope.  Advertising options are available.

Alternative media is the answer to the complaints about mainstream media.  It is a venue for more people to be seen and heard so the messages can reach more people. The mission and purpose of the LGRCC show is to offer guests the opportunity to share their wisdom, their unique gifts or talents with a broader audience. The show is a result of a deep inspiration calling me to step out and ask the deeper questions, which result in more clarity and better understandings about how we can live on planet earth, in peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity for all!

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, for wisdom and to understand more. It occurred to me that if I have that thirst, perhaps others do also. If people are in the question then we are open to possibilities. This to me, is a very good thing! I want to be authentic in my interviewing process. Each show and guest is unique.

It is my desire for the listener to know that the questions are freely asked, no hidden agendas, and the guest knows that they can speak freely, so the listener knows it’s a discussion, not a sales pitch. If my guest has tools or services or products which they can offer the listener, then I’ll allow the time for them to promote it.

For me, this is as real as it gets! We have entered a new time on the planet, a time of cooperation and recognition that we are all connected. The more people who are living consciously, from truth and a higher vibration, the better my life is and the planet’s. So it
is my hope that people who can support the show, will do so, either by donation or through an advertisement on the show.

The shows started in January 2012 and has a huge library of archived shows to listen on demand. It is growing stronger everyday, it is my sincere hope to feature guests with new and fresh insights into alternative ways for us to live together in peace.   I have created it out of everything I AM~ love, inspiration, dedication, support from angels known and unknown and Divine guidance…it will become whatever it is meant to be with the same ingredients.

I hope this helps people to understand the foundation of this show and where I intend to direct it. Ready to help now? Go to the link to make your investment and help us raise consciousness on this planet today!
Sponsor Show. Donation are gratefully received as well. If you are ready for a profile page or to update a previous one go here. Much gratitude for your support!


If your question is not answered here…write to the publisher…


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