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Pearls of Wisdom

As we all work through our various stages of ascension, awaking, or just exploring life on this planet, we often seek out teachers, wise ones, people who have done their own work and have techniques and insights to help us along. Through my searches I have discovered some amazing teachers. I have also had the opportunity to share them with you through the various shows we’ve done together. These are people who I highly recommend for their integrity, their knowledge and wisdom. You can link on their profile page to find out more about how to work with them personally and for their websites etc.

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Teza Zialcita~author of Universal Conscious Self    Debbi Coleen~Starseed Blueprint (Co-host Go Deep or Go Home)

Rose Sangregorio~The Metaphysical Center of Canada Corp.  Norma Cowie~ Psychic Life Consultant

Sarah Moloney~Birth Doula    Shelly Dressel~ Goddess Light

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