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Catherine Publishing offers Profile Pages to Select Guests & Sponsors~

A profile page may be provided to each guest as an opportunity to feature their biography, contact information, website and social media links, as well as jpeg pictures of themselves, their book, product or video etc. This will be created by ‘the company’ on behalf of the guest; information is to be provided by the guest (i.e. bio, jpeg, links). All profile pages are at the discretion of the company. The fee for this promotional service which includes the initial setup is $499.00 for 3 months. Or take advantage of big savings by choosing the 6 months at $799.00 or 1 year option paid in advance!

Setup of Profile/Promo page $499.00 for 3 months…

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Profile/Promo page  6 months or 1 year Paid in Advance…

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Advertising Pages


 Payments are required via Paypal links and are due prior to page creation. Once a Profile page is created it  may be used for promotion of the show for an indefinite period of time on behalf of ‘the company’ through it’s various formats at the discretion of ‘the company’. Guests may use the link for their own external promotion as well as a source of advertisement.


Previous season Profile pages existing as of August 29th, 2013 will remain at the discretion of ‘the company’ 

*Until November 1, 2014~Exclusive Offer Previous Guests ~Renew Profile/Promo existing page for 6 months for $180.00…

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Banner advertisements are also available for guests and non-guests sponsors~ please see rates, requirements and information here. (

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