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Go Deep or Go Home trailer

Go Deep or Go Home!

‘Exploring the Metaphysical’

Go Deep or Go Home is a unique show on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine! Debbi Coleen has joined me as a frequent guest to explore into subjects in a much deeper way than many of us allow ourselves to go on a daily basis. We have discovered through our many conversations both on and off the air, that we always begin with one subject or questions and then allow spirit to guide the conversation to reveal many layers, other concepts and philosophies as we go. We are sharing these conversations with you here. Not all shows are posted below; you may go to the Show listing page and search for Debbi’s name or the subject matter there. The shows below are highlighted by topic, no specific date order. More shows will be added regularly so check back often for much more! If the links below take too long to play, please go to the main show listing page above, or visit Debbi’s page for more shows…sorry for any inconvenience.


Enjoy! Feel free to comment and share with your friends…this is an awesome magical time to be on the planet!

Go Deep or Go Home Trailer

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    • Tonight Oct 2012~ we discussed making people wrong…why we do it and  more… Making People Wrong
    • Spiritual Principles~Feb 2013~ Watch now~exploring spiritual principles and how they work
    • Planetary Changes, masculine and feminine energy and more ~recorded Oct 2, 2013~watch now



    • Karma, Numerology, Chinese Astrology and how they are tools for us to use…and more… Karma Numerology & more
    • Exploring life on planet earth, changes from 2013 and what to expect for 2014; numerology, judgment, roles we play life victim, hero, persecutor and so much more~ recorded Dec 7, 2013 Watch now


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