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Go Deep or Go Home 2015 pic New SeasonExploring Higher Visions is a never ending joy! Please join us if you feel the excitement of these times and want to explore more into what it all means.

Very exciting to be entering a new season of exploration of higher visions with Debbi Coleen on ‘Go Deep or Go Home’…which is just a fun way of saying, ‘it’s the end of the night and we are going into the deep discussion that so often happens at the end of a gathering’ …only we plan them this way. split pic Short from Beyond Tribal with Debbi Coleen


We are leaving behind the Chinese year of the horse and moving into the year of the sheep….on Feb 19th, 2015. We’ll be chattin about that, as well as Debbi’s specific wisdom gleaned from her intuition, her Starseed Blueprint, astrology, numerology and more…it’s going to be an exciting year! Watch for new episodes coming soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you never miss a new show

Here’s the new trailer…watch for shows coming soon! We’ll be exploring the new Chinese New Year of the Sheep, Saturn’s 30 year cycle and it’s influence on humanity and the changes to our genetics too! Plus a whole lot more!

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