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Good Friday, the day we contemplate the death of Jesus on the Cross…the sorrow, the grief, the guilt…and imagining his family, his mother, his friends…

Forgive them they know not what they do.001
Of course for Christians it is also the lead up to our knowing about the Resurrection, the forgiveness even on the Cross. ‘forgive them they know not what they do’
Powerful words…even today…killing people out of fear of their teachings, or beliefs, or way of life, or because they are different, or threaten the current norm…

I was thinking of how devastated I was when my son was killed, in an accident. How many other people were shocked and grieved his death, then I thought about the millions of people being killed on purpose around the world and all of those mothers, the friends and family.

Today is a day of reflection for me, contemplating the reality that we see so often…the bragging about how big a bomb was, how great it was to hit its target and forgetting or not even realizing the impact on this planet, the horror of killing other people.

It may be easier for me to identify with the reality, because I know how long it takes a mother to even attempt a small amount of normal after a shock like that; to function even a wee bit in the world after an expected death of a loved one, a heart attack, or a long term cancer, etc. are all parts of life and the loss takes time to adjust. But when the death is by murder or war, how long does it take millions of people to heal that kind of pain? When I think of the natural phases of grief, I think of anger, shock, blame, shame, guilt, remorse, acceptance and eventually healing…at this time millions of people are going through one or several of these phases. How can we get to healing when we keep repeating these crimes against humanity?

I think many of us have become desensitized to it all. Its just another bomb over there, just another slaughter in another country…my prayer today is that we all say NO to this way of living and believing.

When I consider the magnitude of my own shock, pain, adjustment to life after the death of my father, my brother, my son and recently my mother and then consider the millions living right now on planet earth dealing with these massive killings/death, not by accident or natural causes, I am amazed that we function at all, never mind some sort of normal. People standing in the way of progress, in the way of potential profits, in the way of the past are not just collateral damage; they are people with families, hopes and dreams, just like you and me!

‘Forgive them all, they KNOW NOT what they are doing’ but those of us who do know…need to say NO to this…for the sake of our future and the possibility of resurrecting peace, harmony, love and abundance for all!
Blessings to you all…Good Friday April 14, 2017

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