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Rose Sangregorio Book Cover - EnglishI’m thoroughly enjoying a revisit to Metaphysical Center of Canada – Rose “Shuneaj” Sangregorio’s book ‘Journey to Self-Enlightenment’…there is so much in this book to help people with their processes, life changes and understanding what’s happening as the earth changes and we change…in particular I’m exploring Chapter 10-Signs of Awakening

as she really speaks to this event and all the physical and energetic things we often experience. Another area that I find very helpful is understanding our Lower Ego and how it behaves…I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it’s a great resource and I go back to it all the time to gain deeper understanding…the expansion never ends! It’s so nice to know there is help available for us if we want it.

Rose has been so gracious in sharing her wisdom with me on the shows, but I must say that it’s only the tip of the iceberg…we cannot possibly cover everything in a show….You can read more about Rose & get the book info etc here

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