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Guest Information & Tips/FAQ ~

Please read before you Contact Us!

Catherine has been promoting amazing visionaries, light workers, energy healers, spiritual intuitives and authors, along with many other brilliant people just like you, since 2012.

two chairs shall we chatPromoting your gifts and talents can be a challenge, but connecting with an insightful interviewer can make all the difference in your presentation. What makes your business so much different than anyone else’s? YOU!

You are the key to making your business or message as awesome as it can be! When you sit down for a chat with Catherine, you have the opportunity to engage in a conversation and let the audience see your passion, your authenticity, your commitment and zest for whatever it is you want to share with them.


This is not a mainstream radio or television show…this is a get into the flow of life kind of show!

Being on fire with your business, invention or vision is the beginning; finding people who want what you have is all about creating relationship.

If you are passionate about what you do or What you know or have experienced and want to share? please…contact us!  Not Sure? Read What they are saying!

If you are ready to get the exposure you’ve been desiring, ready to show people what you are all about on your website and through social media, that really highlight you and your message…read the details below and let’s get chattin!

There are so many people today who are hungering for a better way, if you have some insight, product or message for them…what are you waiting for?

Send an email today to find out if we can accommodate you on the show (please read below first): …




We have short time slots for community service information, longer segments and featured interview options via skype/video.  A pre-interview may be required, so the host can get to know you a bit prior to on air. This will be determined when setting up your interview.

Promoting Universal Change Agents and Light Inspired work is what I do best. We all know there is plenty of shadow in the world, but most people are looking for some light. We can be that light for the world, inspiring others to make the changes we need to thrive on planet earth. 


Fees for basic shows are non-refundable as follows: audio shows $100.00 for short segments up to 1/2 hr; $150.00 for 1 hr and Video option, which is the most popular and effective is $250.00..(use the Admin other button below) Larger packages of a series of shows etc can be discussed and rates will be determined at that time. *Use paypal buttons below or email transfer funds. Coverage and promotion for larger events and on site coverage can be arranged and fees etc discussed by contacting the publisher at


Information to read before you contact us:

Once an agreement is reached to do one of the optional show formats; you need to send a jpeg picture of yourself, your book or music cd (as appropriate) as well as a brief bio to share publicly (around 300 words is appropriate), include your contact information and website that you wish to share. It will be included in the promotion for the show. A signed Guest agreement must be received by Catherine Publishing before any firm date is set or recording takes place.

*Please do not ask the publisher/host to go out finding your information from a website etc. Your cooperation in making this process as simple as possible is appreciated. All information shared becomes the property of Catherine Publishing for use in promoting you and the shows indefinitely. 


Here are Your Chattin Options Below:

headphone and micOpt 1: Live shows/audio shows are also recorded and (no longer uploaded to Blogtalk Oct 2014); no speaker phones as they interfere with audio recording. Details for calling etc. will be provided once you are booked. (All shows are prerecorded unless otherwise arranged)

Shows are usually about 1/2 hr to 1 hour, although longer shows may be arranged. 

Included with these options is ‘coaching’ for on air and audio/video; editing of shows, broadcasting and promoting via social media, aka youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and blog and website.  You are encouraged to share the links, embed on your website to help promote yourself. Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine website receives thousands of views per month from around the world, as well as the social media sites. This is a great tool to get your message out to the world in a professional manner.


film reel spinning

Opt 2: Video calls are also possible using Skype (or other media to be determined) and the video may be used for Youtube or other broadcasting purposes associated with Catherine publishing(see below).  ~All video chats will require a $250.00 non-refundable fee to guests. This fee is included when combined with an advertising package/profile page (see details for rates here*See above for more on why this might be the tool for your business or message.

Payment via paypal (buttons below) is required before the date will be ensured.


Tips for Video/chat: 

It’s best to have a room with good lighting, not direct but ambient. When using skype it’s also a good proactive measure to reset your computer and router prior to the call; make sure you have the most up to date skype program and that your mic and sound are working. If your background is ‘busy’ then wear a bright colour shirt that doesn’t have a pattern on it; that usually works best. The taping can be edited and we do not start until we are both set up and comfortable. The editing is at the discretion of the publisher, however all consideration is given to the guest to try to show them in their best presentation.

Please email  your skype contact info prior to the show time to


Relax, have a drink of water nearby, tissue and create a space where you won’t be interrupted by phones or other people. Video clips may be used in other productions by Catherine Publishing and are considered the property of Catherine Publishing. You may embed it on your website as long as it remains in it’s original format with all credits included. No portion may be altered in any way.



Guest Profile Pages: An opportunity to promote yourself, your product and external links is available on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine as per the link.

The purpose is to get as much exposure for new information and ideas and help create a better world! I see LGRCC as a collaboration of light minded beings coming together to share the wisdom; rather than ‘an individual production’ !

Together and only together, we will be the change we’ve been waiting for! All reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the best possible production of the show. Communication technology via most forms of media today, (i.e. TV, internet and radio) can be unreliable or unstable at times, therefore the producer/host makes no guarantees on the quality of the audio/video. You will be given links to the show to promote prior to and after it airs; the impact to your business is not guaranteed.

NOTE: In order to keep the show uninterrupted by commercials all ads are played at the beginning or end of shows, and visual ads on the sidebar or through banners.


* ~Want to be a guest/participant? Please read above before you contact us…if there is a question not answered here do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Many thanks

Isn’t it time to “Get Real” and have a chat with Catherine?

Payment for all Options below Admin Fee: Other Amount



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