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John MaguireOct. 2015John Maguire~IKC 2015 Speaker ~Acupuncture Meridian Shortcuts~John is an expert in many areas on Kinesiology, Business and so much more......Read more
Teza Zialcita~authorDec 10, 2013Teza Zialcita is the author of Universal Conscious Self; she is also ...Read More
Matthew ThieSept. 2015Matthew Thie ~Touch for Health Education, Inc., since 1973~speaker at the IKC 2015......Read more
Debbi ColeenSunday, January 29, 2012Debbi Coleen has been using her intuitive skills for over 20 years, helping people discover what they already knew, but couldn't access...Read more...
Deb Rowley (DEB X)Aug 31, 2015Deb Rowley aka (DEB X) is a coach, healer, teacher and more ...from New Zealand and works globally......Read more
Moira DempseyAug 29, 2015 Moira Dempsey~IKC2015 Speaker ~Brain Gym & Touch Health and more......Read more
Dr Richard Nahas, MDSept. 3, 2015Dr Richard Nahas, MD will be speaking at the International Kinesiology Conference 2015......Read more
Adam LehmanAug 29, 2015Adam Lehman~expertise is teaching healing arts...especially Kinesiology...he will be a speaker at the IKC2015 ......Read more
Dr William TillerAug 2015Dr William Tiller is the Keynote Speaker at the IKC 2015 event...his bio is awe inspiring...You may remember him from the movie 'What the Bleep Do We Know!?' ...there is much more
Tamara Passmore-GriffithJuly 2015Tamara Passmore-Griffith~Entrepreneur ~WearWell Fashions...Read more
Dr Charles KrebsAug 2015Dr Charles Krebs will be speaking at the IKC 2015 event, he is the author of several books and amazing insights, his science background is incredible......Read more
Patricia S LemerAug 23, 2015Patricia Lemer will be speaking at the IKC 2015 ...she is the author of Outsmarting Autism......Read more
Jennifer HoffmanAug. 17, 2015Jennifer Hoffman~
Author, Intuitive Life Strategist, Transformational Speaker......Read more
Jo-Ann Lee-MaritiuAug. 21, 2015Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu is the founder & director of Balanced Elements & Currently she is the Chair of the 2015 International Kinesiology Conference being held in Banff, Alberta this September ...Read more
Vanessa Pressacco~photographer/makeup artistFeb 18, 2014My name is Vanessa Pressacco and I am a pro makeup artist/photographer in Calgary, AB. Canada. ...Read more
Shelly DresselMonday, February 13, 2012Shelly Dressel is a gifted, world renowned channel with a deep alignment to the Goddess of Creation, the feminine aspect of Source essence, the Arch Angels, Dolphins, Ascended Masters and many more......Read more
Rose SangregorioThursday, March 8, 2012 Rose Sangregorio is the founder and director of the Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation.
Rose is an Author, International Speaker, Holistic Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Spiritual Advisor... Read more...
Jo Dibblee~author Frock Off~Frock-alicious Event linkJan. 16, 2015Jo Dibblee is an inspiring author and so much about Jo
Norma CowieTuesday, April 17, 2012Norma Cowie - Metaphysical Psychic Life Consultant; Past Life Regressionist; Yuen™ Method Practitioner -
Norma Cowie has been a student of metaphysics for over 40 years. She began her journey in 1964 studying...Read more...
Dr Sue Johnson~Clinical PsychologistJanuary 30, 2013Dr Sue Johnson author of Hold Me Tight ...Read more
Vanda Corbett D.C. ~Chiropractor Aug. 6, 2012Dr. Vanda is a chiropractor with international experience and amazing wisdom applied in practical terms for real people to comprehend ...Read more
Vikki Mackinnon~Jan. 20, 2015Vikki MacKinnon
Author, International Speaker,
Master Numerologist, Life Path Mentor more
Dana Mrkich~Energy IntuitiveOct 25, 2012Dana Mrkich author of A New Chapter more
Mike LangJune 15, 2012Mike Lang has an interesting process of using Acupressure and I'm thrilled that he is going to share with us! Mike Lang
Sarah MoloneyMarch 19, 2013Sarah Moloney is a Doula~from military medic, to mom, to Doula ...about Sarah's journey
Farhana DhallaJune 6, 2012I'm excited to have Farhana join me to explore Single parenting and all it can mean, along with her new book Thank you for Leaving Me ...Read more
Velva DawnMonday,April 2, 2012Velva Dawn brings great wisdom about the Goddess energy and insight; she is also very intuitive and often does readings live... ...Read more
Judy Armstrong~Nov 19, 2013Empowerment through Voice ~Judy is a singer, songwriter and coach......Read more
Dr. Lesley Phillips05/22/2012 5:00PMMeditation Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer. Dr Lesley's services include a wide range of workshops and classes, healings and readings too numerous to mention that are available in person, via Skype, phone & the net......Read more
Angela Ditch~authorNov 18, 2013Body Ascension Series Book 1: AVATAR ANATOMY ~ A Soul's Journey into the Body ...Read more
Julia Lloyd~Nov. 11, 2013Business Success Coach, Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, Aligning Your Spiritual and Financial Success......Read more
Susanne Alexander-Heaton~authorJan. 13, 2013Susanne Alexander-Heaton is a speaker, Award-Winning Children's Author ...Read more
Charmaine Hammond~author On Toby's TermsAug. 5, 2012On Toby's Terms is just the beginning of the journey, GPS Your Best Life and more all from one amazing woman ...Read more
Sean Liv~authorAug 24, 2012Sean Liv is the author of The Ticket ...Read more
Madelaine Standing~Nov. 28, 2013Author, Yogi, Coach...
Mandy HyslopNov 20, 2013Interior Design~Mandy Hyslop
obtained her interior design qualification in Cape Town, South Africa, and has been involved in the design industry for over ten years.
Jolie Montlick (Singer/Songwriter) & her Dad, David MontlickDec 15, 2012Jolie Montlick is an 11-year-old singer/songwriter, National Spokesperson for an anti-bullying organization, 2nd Degree Black Belt, martial arts instructor and two-time State Champion.
Hannah Rose~child authorOct. 9th, 2013 Hannah Rose is an 8 yr old author launching her first book The Loving Tree ...
Debra Kasowski~authorJanuary 10, 2012Debra Kasowski wears many hats, she is an author more.
Marc Cadieux~authorNov 25, 2013Christmas Nevermore author Read More...about the author & book
Debbi Dachinger~author, radio show host and more Feb. 27, 2014etc.
Lee HorbachewskiAug 1, 2012Author of A Quiet Strong Voice, and advocate for bringing awareness to Mental Health and Illness
Tracy Jennex~Reiki Master/TeacherJan 28, 2014Tracy Jennex is a Reiki Master & Teacher from Halifax, Nova Scotia; she also has an online radio show called Eye of the East Coast ...Reiki with a Twist ~
Doug (Ten) Rose~authorNov 17, 2013Author of Fearless Puppy & Reincarnation Through Common Sense
Maggie Thom~author Captured LiesOct. 20, 2012Maggie Thom is the author of Captured Lies her first published fiction...
Connie Jakab~Culture RebelOct. 18, 2012Connie Jakab is the author of Culture Rebel
Barbara Cunnings-VersaevelDec 30, 2013Barbara is the founder of Cancer Help Hub...
Aime Hutton~Awakening GoddessAug. 29, 2012Awakening Goddess~Inspiring radiant play and confidence through dance!
BowBench Retreat~Nancy StrathSept. 26, 2012BowBench Retreat is a place to get away for quiet gatherings, connecting with friends or business meetings, and so on
Marcy FieldAug 7, 2012Unshackled Tour an amazing story of women connecting to women and changing our world!
John CampbellAugust 2012Author of The Secret of Intimate Relationships, John Campbell has lived a challenging life and through his life we can learn profound lessons. I'm very excited to have a chat with John and explore his unique wisdom!
Laura L. BrownMonday, July 16, 2012An experienced veteran of diverse industries, Laura brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and talent to bear on what is now her passion – sharing the neuroscience of gender differences - and changing the way the men and women (boys and girls) communicate, collaborate and relate in all areas of their lives.
Linda NardelliTuesday, April 17, 2012Linda has held an Integrated Healing Practice for the past 14 years, combining the direct communication of spirit-guides with counseling, hypnotherapy and energy healing.
Pat Wenger~FinancesOct. 11, 2012Pat Wenger is a highly sought after financial consultant.
Steven Cuoco~Intuitive PublicistNov 19, 2013Featured Guest Dec 10, 2013~Live show
Rustie Macdonald~Social MediaSept 19, 2012Rustie Macdonald is a Life Coach and Business Owner. Has her B.A. in Psychology and more.
Andy Behrman~author of ElectroboySept. 18, 2012Andy Behrman is the author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania
Stephen Popiotek~Metaphysical TeacherSept 19, 2012Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher/Researcher and Channel for a variety of esoteric subjects
Dario Pastorino~SingerAug. 9, 2012Dario Pastorino a singer from Rome

Dario Pastorino sent just for us!

Delaney RoseFriday, February 10, 2012

Accomplished singer songwriter, Delaney Rose, is touring behind her debut album titled Freedom - featuring a brilliant compilation of original songs reflecting her strong purpose of healing and is a wonderful singer/songwriter album, easy on the ear and with many influences..
Robyne Marie~author & MediumSept 13, 2012Robyne Marie is the author of The Harvey Boat, she is also deemed 'The Boston Ghost Magnet'
Rachel Olsen (Joy)~author Morgan's JourneyAug. 5, 2012Morgan's Journey & Personal Responsibility for One's Own Health
Kala H KosThursday, February 9, 2012Since curing herself of an "incurable" disease several decades ago, Kala has repeatedly applied the ancient Hawaiian system of Huna to achieve her own dreams.
Alisa GamblinTuesday, January 31, 2012Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Motivational Speaker. ...Read more
Tatiana ScavnickySunday, March 11, 2012

Tatiana is a Creator of Music and Meditation CD's, Tatiana is an International Touring Artist, and experienced Psychic-Intuitive of over 13 years.
Sasha Samy, award-winning author~ Shadow to LightNov. 19, 2013Transformational Award-Winning Author & Facilitator
Natural Health Freedom Canada RepsAug. 9, 2012What's up with Natural Health products in Canada? What's new that Canadians deserve to know about for their own peace of mind.
Chandra A. HarbarukJune 11, 2012I'm thrilled to be introducing Chandra A Harbaruk to my listeners; a coach, motivator and inspiration to chat with!
Rachel White Seeing OwlSunday, January 29, 2012Rachel Cuyler is a gifted speaker and intuitive.
Shannon Koller~Xocai Healthy ChocolateFeb. 17, 2014Shannon Koller shares her journey and her insight into what healthy chocolate is all about...

Shannon Koller

Jeff Swanson(RIP)Wednesday, April 4, 2012You are going to love this interview...
A Man in search of is in a state of flux! This is a man who truly lives in the question...and I so love to go into the deep with...

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