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A little informal video from Catherine wishing you all a happy new year and letting you know what to expect in the next few weeks.

*Catherine Wishing you Happy New year* via youtube (click the link)!

I invite you to Donate to help support the show…or sponsor a show…all the info is here and if you scroll down on that page, you’ll find the donate button too!

I certainly appreciate all the people who share my vision for an exquisite world and know that information is a vital part of that process. The show is free for people to listen 24/7, that is my commitment. There are not a lot of options for alternative media at the present time and I feel strongly that our ability to create something new is dependent on our ability to speak freely. I am doing my part, but I know I cannot do it alone, we who believe in being light and desiring to share it, need venues like this to get the message out!

If you feel that way too…please consider supporting this venue!

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