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High Hopes for High River posterA great opportunity for me to chat with Eswina Ngai about the situation on the ground in real time Oct. 2013 in High River Alberta; post-flood. We primarily focused on her concert/fundraiser to bring hope to the people who’ve been so tragically affected by the floods of June 2013.

Eswina NgaiThe show will broadcast on Oct 11. 2013 as an audio, and also a youtube version with some pictures so people can become more acquainted with the situation. There are many more images on the internet from various media and I urge you to take a look at them to get a sense of the magnitude of this issue. Here’s an image link.  The broadcast links will be up as soon as they are ready. Stay tuned.


High River Alberta was one of the areas hit hardest during the floods of June 20th, 2013 and the town has still not recovered and many can’t see any hope in the near future to rebuild and begin their new lives. This is an important event. Education on what has really happened here is vital to the rebuild and future prevention for this town and others.

More about the woman behind the event:

Eswina has just recovered from the great experience of being in Canada’s 1st Summer Opera Festival production of Pirates of Penzance in the East Village this past August which was a resounding success. Performing in 6 shows over 4 days was exhausting but a tremendous privilege to be part of. Although she is classically trained she enjoys singing a wide variety of music from Classical, Jazz and Spirituals to Contemporary. Her Catholic faith has been a driving force in her life and in the past few years she has started developing “prayer concerts” which integrate scripture readings with song to engage her audience in a time of reflection on selected themes of the Gospel. She has also served her faith community as one of the Diocesan Cantors for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary and serves as cantor at local parishes. Her favourite thing to do is rounding up talented people to put on concerts to raise money for worthwhile causes.

You can get all the details about tickets, performers and location here

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