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For a couple of years now I’ve been exploring and being encouraged to expand my one show into a network of shows, I’ve been approached by others wanting me to join their network, but I think we have something very unique and I’d prefer to continue to journey into this unknown world….it’s really so exciting !

The expanded network is called, ‘Exquisite World Global Network’ or for short. It will include many shows on different subjects but with one common theme; higher minded thinking. Those who’ve been frustrated with the old ways of thinking and living on the planet, will now have a one stop venue to explore with people who are pioneers and excited about possibilities. We’ll explore everything from birth to death on this planet, as well as inter-dimensional insights, new energy options and more….

I am letting you know that I’ll be focussing on Higher Minded Thinking, so that people who want that kind of information and exploration have a venue. The show began a little over 2 yrs ago as a joyful way to have some fun and discover.  About 2 months after the launch my son was killed in a vehicle roll over; yet the shows continued. I have grown exponentially since then and because of that incident in my life. Now I’m ready to jump into the unknown with renewed zest and joy!

If you have ideas or concepts that might work to help make this the vibrant and dynamic connection I envision please contact me. I love working with others and recognize that we all have something to contribute. I do not hold all the answers, however I hold a high vibration of vision and clarity.

I also am looking for sponsors to help birth this baby in a very new dynamic way. I have noticed that other venues have fees for guests to participate and those fees are significant. At the same time I am aware that there are higher minded thinkers out there with funds to contribute to just such an awesome project; because they know that as we feed the truth of potentials and possibilities out into the world, we are going to change it in a very positive way. This is the time to shatter the old box thinking, not just rebel against it, but embrace something entirely new. Collaboration, cooperation, encouraging new thought, embracing new ways of living (which are often old ways) overall taking that leap of faith into a new form of thriving on this planet; that is what this is all about.

If you are one of those people ready to help make a difference through this type of new offering, please contact me asap. This is a very fluid process and I am receptive to other people’s ideas and contributions.

So if you are interested or know people who are…advertising rates are going up June 1, 2014. It’s time to really acknowledge the value in this venue…I had kept the rates ridiculously low on purpose, but now I see that didn’t actually help to grow the show. Now I’m being more realistic about the costs involved to produce and so I’m reaching out to you to share and let people know about the show and the opportunities…here’s the link to sponsoring and advertising options….

Please share with your friends and consider this your invitation to be part of a grass roots movement to something incredibly ‘exquisite’!

Much gratitude and blessings to you

Catherine Whelan Costen


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